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  1. Hello all, Up for sale is a Nauticam to Seacam port adapter. In perfect condition. Allows you to use your Seacam converted 13mm Nikonos RS with a Nauticam housing... with excellent results! Photos available if requested. (Stock image attached) $100 USD plus shipping Located in Vernon, BC ian
  2. One other thought... I have some experience with the Nikonos RS 20-35mm Seacam conversion. Initially, it had it's detractors who didn't feel it was that useful. 20mm was just not wide enough. (Stephen Frink seemed to do OK with it in the '90's:)) There is some truth in that, but for the right subjects, I was very happy with the results. The small(ish) form factor and razor sharp corners were excellent. Also, unlike the 13mm RS conversion, the original lens is NOT selling for $3500+ USD. It is much more "affordable" than it's upscale cousin. Of course, this also assumes a Seacam housing. The zoom gear is integral with the lens, and despite numerous attempts, I was not able to make it work in a Nauticam housing, which the 13mm will. So, now I have a Seacam housing... I have now pared my UW lens collection down to the Nikonos RS 13mm, RS 20-35mm, Nikonos 15mm on Sony, and Nikon 105G for macro. The only thing I can't do is under/overs. I am completely satisfied with my setup. Now, if I were just a better photographer... ian
  3. Thanks to all interested parties... The viewfinder is SOLD:)) Thanks Bernie!
  4. Hello all, Just back from 12 amazing days aboard the Bilikiki in the Solomons. Absolutely amazing dive trip! Best trip since beginning the Life Aquatic in 1972:) The only issue with the trip is we arrived a few days after the coral spawn, and at times backscatter became an issue. But there were a lot happy animals around! Amazing guides on the boat. Thanks Tina and Oli:) Headed away with all new camera set-up (to me) including a shiny new pair of Retras with a Seacam-D800 and UW Technics TTL board. The strobes were fantastic! Beautiful quality of light, easily controlled and lots of it if needed. As noted by others, it allowed you to focus on the viewfinder instead of the knobs. Battery life with Eneloop pro's was excellent. At least 3-4 dives before i would swap out batteries, mostly out of habit. They were robust, and with the provided (thick) neoprene jackets, were neutrally buoyant and out of harms way. TTL was difficult to sort out because the UW Technics board was not calibrated for these strobes. They did mostly work on the YS-D1 setting, but not at aperture extremes, so I mostly shot manual, which wasn't an issue. I had contacted Oskar 10 days before leaving, and he had the strobes in my hands in good time. Excellent customer service, feedback and followup. All in all, I am very pleased with these strobes. I dove with full confidence they would not let me down. ian
  5. My 2 cents worth on Retra: I emailed Oskar last Sunday, he answered within 10 minutes. Strobes shipped Tuesday from Slovenia, in my hands in British Columbia by Friday afternoon. All safe and sound Strobes are a beautiful pieces of elegant design. They look very robust. Tested out S-TTL protocol with UW Technics board (Thank you Pavel!) for Seacam. Testing done in air. Strobes respond MOST like Z240 YS-D1 setting (position 0) on UWTechnics board. YS-D2 position (position 2) on board overexposes in the middle apertures. Position 1 and 3 grossly over exposes. Can't say enough about Oskar and his company!!! Will wait and see about durability, but feeling very confident ian
  6. Good pickup:( Thanks:) Price Drop: $925 USD for the pair, I'll pick up the shipping. ian
  7. Not a Wetpixel issue, but... Watch out for a listing on Craigslist Newcastle UK for a Nikonos RS kit including 13mm fisheye. He claims his name is Alexander Weiss. He did send additional requested pictures, so probably actually has the gear. I foolishly sent a bank draft for $2200 Cdn and received nothing for my troubles. That was 8 months ago. I see the listing is up again. The listing moves around Britain. It was in Glasgow when I first found it. I started a police investigation through the RCMP and Greenock police, but nothing has come up. Caveat emptor!! ian
  8. Hello All For sale today are two brand new YS-D2 strobes, complete with packaging and all included accessories. These strobes have never been used, and opened only to photograph them. They are 100% functional, with no issues. Have moved to Seacam platform. They are located in Vernon BC, Canada. $1000 USD for the pair. Save about $120 over best price on Ebay. See my previous Wetpixel classifieds for feedback. ianmarsh@icloud.com ian
  9. Price drop! $550 USD Will include shipping at that price. ian
  10. So..... D850 in Seacam D800 housing... complete and utter fail! No big surprise here, but the threaded tripod mount is not even in the same place. Never had a chance:(( ian
  11. Gui There is one on eBay in Holland. http://www.ebay.com/itm/SeaCam-Nikon-D810-Underwater-Housing-SUPER-complete-package-/282553937748?hash=item41c986ef54:g:x3AAAOSwFqNZWVQV ian
  12. Agree with all of the above I purchased two YS-D2 strobes three months ago for a big upcoming trip. I am very apprehensive about even taking them... way to go Sea And Sea. What was I thinking? Now they release a new version that is actually supposed to work properly. I agree. There should be a recall on all Black Sea and Sea YS-D2 and replace them with the new version, no questions asked. I am toying with the idea of taking my old Nikonos SB-105 instead. I KNOW they work. ian
  13. Thanks Alex Let's see if I understand this: The Nikonos RS 13mm is a fisheye, so not really fair to compare to the WACP which is rectilinear. I guess one thing to keep in mind is that the focal length quoted on the lens barrel is the "true" focal length, in air. This is a physical property of the lens construction. The actual focal length in use (underwater) must be multiplied by 1.33. This also changes the FOV of the lens. I had long assumed that Nikon would have originally quoted the focal length (and therefore FOV) on the Nikonos RS and 15mm as the focal length in their native medium (water), since the lenses where designated as R-UW, and don't focus in air. I guess that is not the case. I am assuming this does not happen with the WACP, and in fact, just the opposite. Because of the "Correction", the field of view is increased, at the same time "repairing" the damage done to the corners of the image due to refraction (CA) and curvature of field (DOF). That's got to be some fancy physics. As you said... "You CAN have your cake, and eat it too". That doesn't often happen in the real world:) ian Thanks Ryan.. I just spotted your response while I was typing:)
  14. For the inquisitive, but somewhat mathematically feeble, this gem might be of interest, especially the last chapter. http://www.cinemarine.com/cinemarine/fichiers/File/optiqueus.pdf
  15. Ryan It sounds like magic.... perhaps the Harry Potter Autograph model? Seriously though, this sounds like what every wide angle photographer has been waiting for since camera technology caught up with existing port physics. Is the Nauticam technology based on Alex's previous experiments with the Ivanoff-Rebikoff corrector, or is it a new concept? How proprietary is the technology? Can you explain how this concept differs from the older, (but still amazing) Nikonos RS concept. As I look at my Seacam 13mm conversion, it is extremely compact. It is interesting that the "correction" in this system goes beyond the front glass. The RS 13mm will not focus in air, even when removed from the front glass element. The RS lens is a complete system, that needs water to function, not simply an adapted land lens. (I have also converted the 20-35 RS, which is more complex than the 13mm due to the integrated zoom gear. I was not able to adapt this to Nauticam (with the Nauticam-Seacam port adapter) due to the gear incompatibility. I have since moved to Seacam specifically because of this.) Perhaps Borut Furlan, Andrej Belic, or Harald Hordosch can chip in? ian
  16. Still available, $650 USD $1530USD retail for a new one. Just replaced internal and external O rings. Includes new mounting spring and ball, and delrin retention ring. Funky Seacam neoprene pouch! I will include shipping in the price. ian
  17. Any optical physicists out there? My understanding ends with Snell's Law:( How is "Water Correction" achieved? When we talk about water corrected optical lens design, are we talking about the curvature, combinations of elements, different types of glass with specific refractive index or a combination of all of the above. The concept of using a land lens behind the port would assume that the light must be re-refracted as it exits the glass on the inside of the port at the glass air interface to produce a planar virtual image. Is a diopter still needed? I am assuming the field of view will be restored by the corrector? I am guessing that there are a number of ways to achieve the end result. However as with most things in the real world, different approaches will have different compromises and advantages. Any discussion?
  18. Congratulations to Alex on his work with this emerging (re-emerging?) technology. Also a very well written lay-man's review of the optics and physics related to dome ports and wide angle underwater photography. I agree with Alex. I don't think megapixels are the issue. It's all about the water-glass-air interface. I would like to start this thread as a place to discuss the concept, so...fire away! ian
  19. Caleb All in Excellent condition, perfect glass all around Subal Type 3 FE Dome 8 inch - $400USD Subal Type 3 Short Macro for Nikon 60mm AF-D lens - $125 USD Subal Type 3 Long Macro Nikon for 105mm AF-D lens - $125 USD Subal Type 3 Port extension 33mm - $50 USD Package $650 USD ian
  20. FYI I have Subal Type 3 ports available that would go nicely with the F100 housing 1) 8 inch Subal glass dome for fisheye 2) Macro port for Nikon 60mm macro 3) Macro port for Nikon 105 macro 4) A few port extensions, (33 mm I think) All in great shape ianmarsh@icloud.com
  21. Thanks Mark, Thumbs up to H20mark ! Excellent communication and follow through. A seller to be trusted. ian
  22. Hello All, Up for sale is a very nice Seacam S180 Magnifying viewfinder. In excellent shape with only minimal scuffing of the metal body. Few scratches on the outer part of the Delrin eyepiece adjustment. Inner barrel accessible for diopter adjustment. Glass is pristine front and back. Includes Seacam neoprene pouch, protection cap. From Seacam's Website: "The SEACAM S180 Sportsfinder has a straight view, is light intensive and brilliant like the S45 Sports- finder. With a triple viewfinder image enlargement and a diopter adjustment of +/- 3 this viewfinder is ideal for a quick and precise aiming. This viewfinder is also rotatable and can thus be positioned almost in the camera´s optical axis. 100% image field with a triple viewfinder image enlargement." $650 USD Located in Vernon BC, Canada ianmarsh@icloud.com Thanks for looking. Ian
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