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  1. Hello Fred I have no additional information on the first generation lens. However, looking at photographs the knobs look the same, although both are silver. I have a Nikonos 15mm ver2 which I have as a parts donor. Send me a PM and I will donate the knobs, control shafts and screws for your project. You could then drill out the seized ones and hope for the best! I don't have o rings, but there is a fellow on Ebay in France who sells them. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Nikonos-II-III-IV-V-O-RING-LENS-28-35-80mm-internal-for-repair-button-glass/253127941546?hash=item3aef99ddaa:g:m6oAAOxyVLNSy7ZF ian
  2. I have been using Lanocote on threaded metal fasteners. It is basically a waxy material made from lanolin and seems to work like a charm preventing galvanic corrosion. You can buy it from boatyards for marine hardware and Backscatter stocks it. ian
  3. David I used Seavison in San Diego. They did a great job; distance correction upper, plain glass lower. Find a mask with tall lenses (e.g. Scubapro Spectra) to give more real estate. I also had them bevel the lower edge of the upper corrective part, so looking downwards I am looking along the bevel, rather than across a flat, distorted transition. It gives the impression of no correction and makes more of the surface useful for vision. ian
  4. Thanks for this! Comprehensive and excellent review tutorial for those of us who are not in the sea every day. Great refresher before the next trip. ian
  5. Thanks all Just got out of the pool Tested with SD, +/- 20mm extension, +/- +2 diopter Looks sharpest with 20mm extension and no diopter. ian
  6. The Superdome is sold:) Thanks for looking ian
  7. To all Thanks for the insight:) ian
  8. Thanks Walt, That is very helpful, indeed. Do you recall if you used a diopter? I'm guessing yes. I am going to use it with a superdome, so hopefully it will be a little sharper at the edges. Thinking it should also be good for splits. I will try it in the pool once I sort the diopter issue. ian
  9. Hello all I am wondering if anyone has actual UW experience with this lens. I have owned it for years and have never taken it underwater. It generally gets mixed reviews topside. I am thinking Seacam Superdome. Any suggestions on diopters or dome extensions? I have recently bought the Nikon 8-15 FE and will be taking this and the dome to Kimbe. I though this would be a great compact topside lens that could be pressed into UW service if suitable. ian
  10. Price Drop: $750 USD, Shipping included in North America. Ian
  11. I should mention, this dome works great on Nauticam with a Nauticam/Seacam port adapter. Amazing optics! ian
  12. Hello All, Up for sale is my Seacam Superdome. It is definitely used, but in very good shape. There is some rash on the lower shade. The anodizing on the back is faded, making a nice patina. This is typical of these ports. The glass is in very good shape, with a few very superficial marks that do not photograph. These are not at all visible under water. The neoprene beanie and rear port cover are included. Asking $950 USD, I will pay shipping to Canada and USA. (These list for over $2000 from Seacam USA.) Item is located in Vernon, BC Canada. Contact at ianmarsh@icloud.com Thanks Ian
  13. Sorry Goluchmas Price is firm:) However, I will include an XQD card and reader at the listed price. ian
  14. Yes. Purchased from Henry's camera in Toronto. Have not filled in warranty papers. Everything in the box is as-new. I have literally taken 20-ish exposures with this beast. Never been out of the house, and kept in a Pelican case since purchase. Phantom Glass screen protectors in place. Contact me at ianmarsh@icloud.com if interested. ian
  15. Hello all Here is a feedback review on Vladimir222: I just purchased some Seacam diopters from Vladimir. The transaction was very smooth through Paypal, with no problems. He shipped very quickly through the Russian Postal Service, which was slow, but the items arrived safe and sound, exactly as advertised. The tracking worked as far as CDG airport, and then there was no further tracking information until they arrived at my door yesterday. I would recommend purchasing from Vladimir:)) ian
  16. The lens is sold. Thanks for your interest. ian
  17. Purchased D800E from greywolf10... Excellent transaction, item exactly as described! Thanks so much ian
  18. Hello All... Just a note to say I purchased a couple of Seacam items from Vladimir222 without incident. He was not on Wetpixel at the time, but the transaction was honest and up-front. He is new to the community. Language was challenging at times as he doesn't speak English ( and I don't speak Russian), but with patience, it all worked out. ian
  19. Hi I've got one you can have. PM me with your mailing address. ian
  20. Hello All, For sale today is a Sigma 15mm Diagonal Fisheye for Nikon F mount. For full frame Nikon cameras. Pretty much the standard fisheye for underwater use. In perfect condition, with all packaging. Only ever used in a housing, so well protected. You all know what this is and what it does. $450 USD. I will pay shipping in US and Canada. Located in Vernon BC, Canada ian
  21. Hello all, Up for sale is an essentially brand new Nikon D5, Dual XQD slots Purchased in Canada, includes box and all contents of a new camera. Warranty not registered, sales receipt from Henry's Camera in Toronto included. Shutter count is less than 20. I bought this to replace my D4, used to photograph freestyle skiing. Unfortunately, my son tore up his knee on a jump and has undergone extensive reconstruction. He will not be able to return to the sport. So, I will have little opportunity to use this amazing camera as it is meant to be used. Phantom Glass Screen protectors. Camera is in PERFECT condition. I will pay shipping within Canada and USA Pictures available on request. $5500 USD firm Contact at ianmarsh@icloud.com, or through the forum. Located in Vernon, BC Canada ian
  22. Hello all, Just for fun, I thought I'd try some pool tests of Retra TTL using a UW Technics board in a Seacam housing. To be fair, the Retra is not profiled for this board, so I set the board on Setting1, which is the profile for S+S YS-D1, and Inon Z240. This was suggested by Pavel. Test conditions were: Pool, very dim ambient light 1/125 sec, ISO 100 and 400, Aperture f2.8 - f32, Measured distance 0.75 meter, Nikon D800e with Nikon 105 Macro G lens, Seacam Silver housing, UW Technics finer optic bulkheads UW Technics controller Position #1 Rear curtain flash Analysis: The point of this exercise is to compare Retra TTL to baseline (YS-D1) 1) Not sure what happened with the first two frames of the Retra ISO 400 test. Didn't spot this in the pool. Maybe too trigger happy? 2) The system works well enough for Retra using these parameters. It should get you in the ball park for macro at ISO 100. 3) ISO 400 is more variable on both strobes. It's all over the place with Retra. 4) It is within the range of what Lightroom can cope with. 5) Best at apertures f8-f22, probably the sweet spot. 6) I would probably add +0.7 eV of compensation I would use it on a shot where you might not get a second chance...certainly better than my best guess! I haven't tried Reta TTL on wide angle. Overall, it's pretty good:) Maybe Pavel will write a firmware update for this strobe? (Hint, hint) ian
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