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  1. Hi, For a friend i need a recommendation for a wide angle lens for his new Sony RX100V in the Nauticam NA-RX100V housing with the Nauticam Bayjonet Mount System. Which lens works with the Bayonet Mount System with 24mm and which lenses have to zoom in for working? Thanks for you help! Greetings from Switzerland, Tino
  2. Hi Alex, Is your book also available as e-book? Thanks for your answer and greetings from Switzerland, Tino
  3. Hi poisons, I use also a Sony A7rII in the Nauticam housing with the Nauticam LED-Flash trigger and INON flashes. Yes it is correct, the camera "see" now flash, because of this you have set the Live View Settings to OFF. The LED trigger gives only a trigger signal to the flash, because of this, you don't have any TTL, you have to set the flash settings all manually. Greetings from Switzerland, Tino
  4. Hi, I search sealed flash bulkheads M16 or M14. Which producers seal their bulkheads to prevent water from entering? Are the Nauticam bulkheads sealed? Is it possible to open the bulkhead cap when there is a vacuum in the housing? Thanks for your answers, Tino
  5. Hello Phil, Since yesterday i have my Nauticam NA-A7ii housing! Tomorrow i will make the first dive with it! I have some questions to you or other owners of an NA-Aii housing: - Is your LCD to VF switch working perfect? I can switch from the LCD to the VF but not back, if i switch from the VF back to the LCD, the LCD remains dark. I have to turn off the camera so that the display runs again. At the moment i have set the FINDER/MONITOR SEL to a custom button, but this works only with the A7rII not with the A7II - What lenght of the Nauticam float arms you use on your setup with the 90mm Macro (on your pictures in the NEX Macro Option post)? Thanks for your answers and a nice day from Switzerland, Tino
  6. Hi Phil, Nice review in the new uwpmag! I have a question about the LED-Trigger. Detects the camera the LED-Trigger as an flash? Thanks, Tino
  7. Hi Edward, Nice pictures! Work your new Wide Lens with the 24mm end of the RX100 IV or must zoom in to 28mm? Greetings from Switzerland, Tino PS: When comes the housing for the new Sony A7rII?
  8. I have no problems with my A6000 an the Zeiss 50mm Macro! Two examples from the last two weeks Schwebegarnele by tdphoto.ch, on Flickr Groppe (Cottus gobio) by tdphoto.ch, on Flickr Tino
  9. Hi, I use the Sony E 16mm F2.8, with the ECF1 Fisheye currently on my Sony NEX-5N Setup in Nauticam housing and the 4.33" Dome Port. I would love to know whether the Sony SEL 10-18mm F4 OSS E with the 7" Dome Port has also problems with these reflections? Has anyone here the Sony 10-18mm in use and can say something about it? Thanks from Switzerland and sorry for my bad english, Tino
  10. Hi, First dive with my new Sony A6000 in Nauticam-housing and Zeiss TOUIT 2.8/50M. All works perfect and make fun! Groppe (Cottus gobio) by tdphoto.ch, on Flickr Schnecke by tdphoto.ch, on Flickr Aal (Anguilla anguilla) by tdphoto.ch, on Flickr Dreistachliger Stichling (Gasterosteus aculeatus) by tdphoto.ch, on Flickr Europäischer Wels (Silurus glanis)g by tdphoto.ch, on Flickr Greetings from Switzerland, Tino
  11. First dive with the Zeiss Touit F2.8/50M and Sony NEX-5N. Unfortunately, we had very bad conditions, bad visibilaty and too many divers. Dive site: Lake Constance, Switzerland, Goldach Schnecke by tdphoto.ch, on Flickr Schnecke by tdphoto.ch, on Flickr Hecht (Esox lucius) by tdphoto.ch, on Flickr Tino
  12. I have tried the NEX-5N, NEX-7 and Alpha 6000 and with all cameras i have the problem. Tino
  13. My information is, that only the Zeiss Touit 2.8 50M for Sony E-Mount hast this problem at the moment. Zeiss has me confirmed the problem by e-mail. They work on a firmware to resolve the problem.
  14. Hi Good news and bad news ... Since Friday I have my Zeiss Touit 2.8 50 M here and the image quality after the first test-shots looks very good! But there are also bad news, along with flash, there are problems and Zeiss has even confirmed me this. The problem appears to be that if you press the shutter button, it takes about 3 seconds until the camera also triggers and firing the flash. Zeiss has written to me that they are working on the problem with a new firmware. In my view, the lens is at the moment for underwater photography unusable because you can not work properly with flash. I hope Zeiss needs not too much time for the new firmware ... Tino PS: Sorry for my bad english.
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