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  1. hi, does anyone have a standard subal viewfinder for sale? Just the small one that comes with a housing if you don't take the gs180 upgrade at time of purchase I have a gs180 but I share it between 2 housings, I would just prefer both housings to have their own viewfinder If you can help please send me a message, thanks
  2. I'm looking for a sea&sea ttl converter, any canon model considered for any strobe please email me direct if you have one for sale, thanks
  3. send a personal message direct please if you have anything, thanks
  4. Hi everyone, I'm a Canon user and I'm looking for a Canon ttl strobe like a converted subtronic nova or similar, I also would consider a converter like heinrichsweikamp if you have anything for sale please let me know thanks
  5. hi guys I am changing my kit so I have this rare seacam flash housing for sale with arm and s6 to s6 sync lead. The housing is designed for the canon 580ex flash but I have also used it with a yongnuo yn565ex flash too, available at approx £100 new the yongnuo flash is a consideration for anyone on a budget looking for digital ttl underwater. This system gives full e-ttl with a canon compatible housing with the s6 bulkhead. Also the flash powerzooms when you zoom the lens which is a nice feature underwater, especially for midrange zoom and macro lenses. There is a pilot light built in to the flash housing, there is a charger for this. The flash can be turned off by an electronic switch on the outside of the housing, this is the only flash control. The subtronic arm is all aluminium and has 2 pivot points. It is not very long at 14" but I can supply some custom made pieces to swap segments and give extending options. I paid £1000 for the housing, £450 for the s6 cable and the arm so that's a £1450 new value, selling here under half price at £700. There is no flash included with this sale, I have sold my 580ex and I am keeping the Yongnuo as a cheap land back up. Offered with free shipping in UK, worldwide shipping at cost Pictures available, please private message me if interested, thanks
  6. Oh thanks, I really wasn't aware of that. In all my tests the closer the dome port is the further the new close focus distance is pushed out from the actual one. I thought this was the general rule. More tests I guess.....
  7. I agree about the radius for comparisons of say a 6" to an 8" dome if the distances are the identical but when a lens is closer to the dome optic then it uses a much smaller part of the dome so a much smaller radius
  8. I completely agree about the water! Interesting you you rate the sea & sea optical glass as one of the best domes, isn't this only about 6-7" diameter? I have read the large sea & sea fisheye dome is optically better than their glass offering. I do prefer glass domes though for durability. I did plan to get a zen 9" dome and an adapter made for my sea and sea rig but on arrival of the sea&sea fisheye dome I was quite impressed so it would be silly not to give it a good trial hence asking the questions here
  9. Thanks I will have a read. Ideally I want the best balance but compromising the lens is not an option, the combination needs to maintain the correct lens close focus distance and have the ability to focus on infinity so it just needs to be balanced with the correct dioptre to counteract the close focus shift. If a shorter extension with a stronger dioptre will yield better results than a longer extension without a dioptre then I will happily go this route at the sacrifice of split shots. I am just trying to find out the best possible solution for this lens as sea and sea have it so wrong on their chart. Personally from tests years ago a dioptre does not always sharpen the corners although in most cases there usually is an improvement, it varied from dome to dome thanks for your input though, if anyone else has experience with this lens/dome port combination please chip in here and we can work out the very best solution for anyone wanting to use this lens
  10. I appreciate all your advice but from my understanding what you are suggesting by using an even longer extension and a stronger dioptre (+3) is completely incorrect. The further the dome port from the lens then a weaker dioptre is needed to counteract the change in close focus. I care more about my lens working correctly and being able to focus throughout the range including infinity than having pin sharp corners (which can be corrected), yes we all want corner to corner sharp images but not on a trade off of the lens losing minimum focus distance or being locked in a focus range If I have this wrong then please correct me but from my tests over the years proves when the dome is further away from the lens then there is less need for a dioptre. Surely if I use a 40mm and a 22mm extension then at best a +1 will be needed not a +3? thanks
  11. I have great results from the subal fe and I saw no huge improvement when using a zen dome although they are nice domes Back on subject please guys..... I'd like to know the best extension spacings and dioptre combination for the 17-40mm lens to enable the best overall sharpness and the correct close focus distance and still being able to focus on infinity using the sea and sea fisheye dome thanks
  12. the subal fe has given me great results on my subal rig on everything 24mm fo fisheye on full frame, I'm questioning the sea & sea set up though guys so I'd appreciate if we can get back on topic..... thanks if it helps anyone else the subal fe port does not have a extremely bowled dome like in comparison to the seacam fisheye and is suitable for much more than just fisheye lenses despite what the member here says. Subal recommend this port with many many lenses, it's a great port
  13. ok so thanks to Steve for his reply, it is clear Sea & Sea have this wrong and the 17-40mm needs minimum 40mm extension. Has anyone tried the 17-40mm (or even a 16-35mm) with a 40mm and a 22mm extension with the fisheye port underwater? I have just set it up and it does not vignette to my surprise, unfortunately I do not have the facilities to do an underwater test. Perhaps with this combination it will work nicely using even more of the dome optic and maintain the lens close focus distance without a lens dioptre? any thoughts on this?
  14. Thanks for the link Steve, it's a great write up. I don't know why sea and sea have got this so wrong! In some ways I actually prefer the sea and sea to my subal housing but when it comes to optic testing they clearly have some catching up to do I'd still like to offer this out there for any other suggestions as I'm shooting the 17-40mm on a full frame camera so it uses more of the dome than on a crop sensor dslr. My hunch is still 40mm extension though with a +1 or +2. Has anyone ever had a 50mm extension made up for this configuration? Any other thoughts on this greatly appreciated......
  15. hi everyone I am pretty well versed with dome port use through many different housings over the years but I'm looking at the sea and sea chart for the canon 17-40mm in a 5dmk2 housing I am questioning their information/theory my concern is they recommend using the fisheye dome port (which I have) but without an extension ring which just confuses me for such a big lens. If used without an extension the lens will be very close and only using a small area of the port and my estimate is a +4 dioptre will be needed but there is no mention of any dioptre from Sea & Sea. Without running tests myself I would have said a 40mm extension and perhaps a +1 or +2 dioptre. This would be most similar to my subal set up where in that set I use the fe dome port and 40mm extension and a +2. I mentioned a +1 as the sea and sea fisheye port is bigger than the subal fe port Can anyone shed any light on this as obviously I want the best optical combination when using this housing? I'm really sorry if this has been brought up before, I couldn't find anything though Thanks in advance....
  16. that's no problem, if you private message me your email address I can send you pictures and also links to show you I'm a genuine and trusworthy seller, thanks
  17. I'm in Brighton or I could possibly take it to Croydon if the deal is definite, thanks
  18. For Sale: Tokina 10-17 Fisheye Zoom for Nikon, crop sensor only digital slr only Lens is mint with box, manuals etc price is £350 including first class recorded shipping in UK, no offers I'm afraid, any less than that and I'd rather keep it +£10 for Europe shipping (international signed for), untrackable shipping is less but at your risk, worldwide shipping available no paypal unless you want to cover the 4% they charge, thanks
  19. hi, it was a long way off $1300 but it was on ebay. There's a guy on this thread that may be interested at that level, I'd email him if I were you. Best of luck
  20. I agree ports hold their money better than old housings for instance but the seller is offering 30% off rrp at $1300. I can't get anything like that percentage selling my subal type 3 ports or my Sea & Sea ports so I will look for a better deal. Also I have to take into consideration postage, import duty and VAT, I'd may as well buy a new one at that price It's not personal just I am not interested at that level to trial a dome port
  21. that's a lot more than the last one I saw sell for, I wouldn't be interested at that price. Best of luck anyway
  22. what fitting? If it's the minicam silver screw thread I can help with macro ports for £100 each. I have 3 available thanks
  23. if you have a Zen dome port for sale please let me know any fitting considered thanks
  24. hi, possibly if the price is right.... thanks
  25. you'll be very lucky to get $500 seeing as it's such an old housing now, I do wish you the best though, thanks
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