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  1. I plan to photograph Great White Sharks from a cage in the next couple of weeks. I have a Canon 7D with a Nauticam housing. I've been using the camera on land set to Evaluative Metering and was wondering whether I should continue with this setting for the shark shoot or if one of the other metering modes would be better suited? All lighting will be natural and I'll be using a Canon 10-22mm lens with a Nauticam 8.5" dome port. Any advice is appreciated. Regards, MJ
  2. Hi all... My name is Mark and I'm new to underwater photography. I currently have a Canon 7D with a Nauticam housing. Looking at cutting my teeth with some natural light photography first, before splashing out on strobes, arms, etc. Hopefully I'll be able to contribute some useful posts as my experience grows. Cheers!
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