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  1. Sorry everyone, For some reason these posts were not being delivered to my E-mail address. I have sold the DS161 strobes, but other itmes are available and I'm willing to sell them separately. just E-mail me at gsdivers@gmail.com with a reasonable offer for the item you want. Shipping will be extra as well as whatever fee paypal charges. (I just realized they charge a fee now)
  2. These two DS161 strobes have sold. I've been trying to delete this post, but can't figure out how to do so. If anyone can help me with that it would be greatly appreciated
  3. Anilao is the best place I have ever dove, especially if you like small critters and macro photography. Club Ocellaris is wonderful with photographers. We went there twice in 2012
  4. Two Ikelite DS 161 strobes for sale with 3 batteries, 2 chargers, 2 fiberoptic cables and 2 fiberoptic cable adapters for $1500 + shipping the entire setup is for sale but posting these separately if anyone is intersted in just the two strobes
  5. Two Ikelite DS 161 strobes for sale with 3 batteries, 2 chargers, 2 fiberoptic cables and 2 fiberoptic cable adapters for $1500 + shipping
  6. Selling full underwater camera setup purchased new in Jan 2012: -Sony NEX 7 camera body with 2 years left in its extended warranty -Sony E mount 30mm macro lens -Nauticam housing for NEX 7 camera -Nauticam macro lens port -Sandisk 32 GB extreme pro SDHC -2 camera batteries with one charger -Dual arm tray with two 6” Stixx float arms and two high end hollow 6”, 6 clamps and doubler lens holder, lanyard and carrying strap -Sola 800 aiming light with white and red led lights along with housing post Available in two different packages depending on which strobe setup is preferred: $4,500 with Two (2) Inon 2000 Strobes with 2 fiber optic cables. One is newly rebuilt Or $5,500 with Two (2) Ikelite DS 161 strobes. 3 NiMH Batteries, two chargers and 2 fiber optic cables and adapters are included.
  7. This item is sold, but I'm still trying to figure out how to delete this post...
  8. I just learned this the hard way... Some of the purchase protection plans will cover your items, but very few of them do. DAN seems to have the best insurance if you live in the US. If you qualify for USAA insurance, it's the best, BUT you have to list all your items on a separate high value insurance plan or it won't be covered.
  9. <h6 class="western">Selling underwater camera: Sony NEX 5 body without lens Nauticam underwater housing without lens port Sea & Sea YS 110 strobe 2 batteries for the camera 4 arm sections, 2 clamps and 4 floats Tray with two arm handles All for $2240 or Best offer</h6>
  10. My husband and I just returned from an unforgettable dive trip to Anilao Philippines. I wanted to give kudos to the staff at Club Ocellaris which proved to be the perfect destination for macro photographers. We saw sooo many awesome and unusual critters. Their freelance dive guides Ben and Alexis are awesome and our overall experience was one we will always remember. In case you're having trouble finding a way to contact them boyv@clubocellaris.com is the way to reach the owner Boy Venus. If you're a serious photographer, I highly recommend you rent a private boat/guide so you're not stuck with someone who may interfere with your dive experience and your dive time as the beauty of the Philippines is that you're not really limited in the time you spend on each dive. Stephanie and Greg
  11. We returned from the Maldives 1 week ago and the coral looked fine, except for areas close to dive resorts as reported earlier in this thread. There was a lot of life on the reef and we had a great time taking photos and movies. The visibility was not very good at all during our entire trip, so although we feel it was a great over all experience, it's difficult for me to justify spending the money to go to the Maldives when you can see the same in Indonesia and the Philippines for much less.
  12. I'm selling my G12 rig which is just under 2 years old, takes awesome photos and has 2 lenses which you can interchange u/w. I'll point you to the website with photos I've taken if you're interested in it. Cannon G12 camera 3 cannon batteries 2 cannon battery chargers Ikelite camera housing (few minor scratches on the housing, but lens in perfect condition) tray for dual strobes and the tray it came with for a single strobe Wide angle lens to attach to the outer port of the housing with two special made wet suit material pouches Macro lens and adapter to attach to the outer port of the housing with two special made wet suit material pouches (2) dual strobe sync strobe cables (1 brand new, extra just in case for travel) 1 single strobe sync cable in case you ever wanted to dive with just one strobe 4 strobe diffusers (2 extra) 4 floats (2) Ikelite DS161 strobes both of which have awesome aiming/video lights (3) batteries total for the DS161 and 2 chargers so that you will never miss a dive on a liveaboard due to charging issues (2) Ultralight arms with clamps 1 GoPro mount on top of the housing. (I just added this for fun in case I saw a whale shark or mantas and wanted to take photos while running the GoPro movie). You can pull it off and clean the sticky stuff off if you're not into the GoPro craze. Full set up as described above, I paid $5000 new. I am willing to sell it all at $2900 + shipping If you don't want the strobes, then I will take the strobes, batteries, chargers, the 3 cables, diffusers, arms and float for the arms out of the package and decrease your cost to $1200 + shipping. You can E-mail me at gsdivers@gmail.com for further information if you're interested
  13. Would you consider a full setup for a Cannon G12 instead?
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