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  1. I am about to bite the bullet on the EMWL. Just thought I would check here and see if anyone has any of the components they are wanting to sell.
  2. Looking for Nauticam Macro Port 41 Part #18704.
  3. Selling my trusty D800 Aqautica housing. Well used but in decent condition. D800e body (180 000 shutter count). Aqautica 45 degree viewfinder. Housing has electrical Nikonos 5 pin strobe connectors and a Vacuum pump installed. Will sell the housing separate from the body if required. Located in British Columbia. Will ship at additional expense. Asking $2500 for package. Open to offers.
  4. Selling my trusted Tokina 10-17mm. It does not focus on my new Nikon Z6. So I need the 8-15mm nikkor. (anyone have one for sale?) The Tokina has the metal hood shaved off so you can open it up a bit wider when shooting it on a full frame. More traditionally used on DX though. Located in British Columbia. Will ship at cost. $400 obo (in Canadian $$)
  5. HI. Interested in the Macro port. Still available? Eiko
  6. @MarkD Thanks for the clarification on the AF capabilities of Z7.
  7. The D850 is rated to -4EV and Z7 only -1 without AF assist. Not sure if it will work through the dome underwater, especially if its IR. Anyone know about this?
  8. I agree. Shooting to the right to the point of almost clipping gets best results. Unless to do that you have to sacrifice shutter speed or ISO and then it may be a zero sum gain. Increasing underexposed shado areas in post definitely reduces the sharpness of that area a little or a lot by adding "noise"
  9. From what I have been reading there are three issues that would prevent me from buying the Z7 to use underwater compared to the D850. The battery life seems up in the air so who really knows about that. But for me the Buffer is small. Sounds worse than the D800 and I really don't like missing shots while waiting for buffer to clear. Ugh. Especially with fast behavior fish like salmon. Secondly the Low light AF ability using Contrast detection ( I believe) is enhanced with an assist light. Whether this will work underwater through a dome port is uncertain. And certainly where I dive low light focusing UW is crucial. With my current D800 it will still focus when I can barely see myself. ( I don't use focus lights as I don't like the soft spot you get when using a slow shutter speed. Thirdly the sync speed. I routinely push my D800 to 1/400th, ( depending on how much of the scene the main subject fills). The D850 is 1/250 sync speed so I am assuming I could push it sometimes to 1/320. In my shallow brightly lit rivers with fast moving salmon 1/200 shutter speed is just too slow.
  10. I have been dealing with Aquatica and Stewart Sy (SLS ) and have had great experience. Been through a few domes cause of my river diving and I fairly abuse my system. Always had great service from Stewart. He even met me at the airpport once to hand deliver a new dome when I was off to Egypt. Very tough housings. Never had anything break. Shooting D800 currently and used all 4 domes.
  11. My pop up flash fried on my first D800 after a few months doing quite a bit of fast burst shooting. And I also seemed to get a lot of misfires with the optical setup. Switched back to Electrical and much happier. And being able to shoot at 320th and even 400th sec helps a lot in shallow/ bright water.
  12. You talking about me Stu? ;-) Heres on eof hundreds of splits I do with the 4" mini. These subjects are about as fast as they get. I also do a lot in deep water. Harder but still better results than big dome. I never have issues with water droplets ruining an otherwise good composition. Every now and then I go and try my 8" and 9.25" again and immdiatly put them back in the closet after one use. I use the Tokina 10-17. I don't know if any others would work. Certainly not a rectilinear or 24 prime.
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