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  1. I was there over Christmas. Saw tons of mantas, lots of galapagos and silky sharks. Quite a few hammies and a few schools of dolphins. water was cooler and not the best vis some dives. But incredible anyway. Whale sharks started showing up at Roca partida on the next trip.
  2. I am from NZ. The above suggestions are the best 3. The Coromandel peninsula has some great diving with a large percentage of the areas protected. Hahei is a great place to hang out. On land it is unbelievably scenic as well. Marlborough sounds at the top of the south island can be quite good as well. Milford Sound in Fiordland is incredible but a bit more difficult to get to. There is about a 10 foot layer of dark fresh water on the surface from all the rain (24 ft a year) so you get stuff that normally grows at several hundred feet like black coral thriving around 40 - 50 feet. Quite unique. Eiko.
  3. I am just getting set up for UW. Would like housing and accessories for Nikon D90. Reply to eikojnz@telus.net Located in BC Canada. Eiko.
  4. HI, this is exactly the set up I am looking for. I am in BC. I am new to dslr UW. I have a sealife 1200 which is not enough. I shoot Nikon on land so this would be perfect. Eiko.
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