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  1. I shot this on Sunday while at Boynton Beach, FL. I was amazed to see so many trumpet fish all in one place - it appears to be a nursery of some sort I know the picture quality isn't the best, my skills are not the best yet - and drift diving doesn't help that fact either!
  2. I have an olympus 3040, that I have been using for a while. I also use the ikelite housing and DS-125 strobe. For the life of me, I can't understand why ike (or any other manufacturers) did not allow a hardwired bulkhead to be connected to the camera, versus using the internal flash. It would have made perfect sense to use the external flash connector to save the camera's battery power - as well as do away with that crappy TTL issue. So anyhow, has anyone done this? I've seen the addition of the USB connector for someone's camera - the only problem I can see possibly is lack of space. It may require modifications of the camera or something - not sure (I don't have the camera or housing in front of me).
  3. Ok, just some quick tests and results..... Camera to full manual (A/S/M) - full manual mode. I set the aperature to F4, shutter speed to 125th, slow1 on. I have had the setting of the flash to fire every shot enabled previously, so there was no change there. The light meter was reading -3 red. A few of the photos I took (with the internal flash) turned out pretty well..... However, this was indoors, under controlled conditions. I'm going to have to try and see how this works in the water. If I am shooting underwater, do I want the light meter to read in the red? Will the camera compensate (or attempt to) with the internal flash? This is much more confusing that using the manual method of calculating things out....At least with that method you can be in the ballpark with the strobe setting, instead of guessing what's going to happen when you snap the shutter.
  4. Ok, here's the deal. I'm sorry, I have a C3040, not 3030, a mistake when typing. Anyhoo, this is what I've been trying every time I go diving. I set the camera to manual, shutter to 125, F2.0, strobe on fully TTL. I have never changed the flash to "slow 1" before, what's the reason behind that? As far as the camera settings go, I have usually never had any luck with any F stops higher than F2.0, the shutter speeds are way too slow to produce decent picutres (when trying to get the lightmeter to zero). I mean, we're talking 80-90 foot depth here, so there isn't a whole lot of light to begin with. I am in the process of contacing ikelite regarding this.....hopefully the issue will be resolved, as I love photography, but this is getting frustrating....
  5. First off my setup. I have the ikelite housing, an Olympus 3030, and the Ikelite DS-125 substrobe. I just got back from a trip in West Palm beach - none of my shots turned out. None of them - I'm pissed off at this piece of shit. Its already been sent back to Ikelite once for a defective TTL sensor (and they forgot to send the damn bulkhead plugs back with the strobe - need to make ANOTHER phone call). I'm beginning to think this so-called TTL which they use is BS. I have never gotten one perfect exposure with my DS-125. I tried auto mode, and the flash does not compensate, and my pictures are either under-exposed, or their is no color to them (blue). I've tried manual mode, settings of F2.6, 125 shutter speed, ISO 100 - still underexposed. What crap.... I am about ready to sell this damn thing, and get a YSDX90, with the fiber-optic cable. It costs LESS and has manual settings - granted I don't care if it has less output and a higher recycle time - at least I'll get the damn thing to work.....The thing that gets my goat is that Ikelite should have included the stupid manual adjustment feature WITH the strobe originally, not as an extra feature. Dialing in the exposure on the strobe is key, which can't be done - with a $700+ strobe....... Unless some miracle happens with this thing, its going to be sold....sorry Ikelite, your customer service may be great, but your strobe does not impress me.
  6. I am planning a trip to the flower gardens on the 4th and would like to purchase an Inon UWL-100 and possibly the UCL-300 lenses. However, I can only fine two places online which sell them - underwaterdigital.net, and marinecamera.com. Both have competitative prices, but man, these lenses are expensive. Does anyone else have any other sites or stores where these lenses can be purchased? I'm looking for a possible "package deal," for both lenses. I would LOVE to get the inon dome port for the UWL-100 as well, but alas I cannot justify spending another $350 at the moment on TOP of the $500+ this is going to cost me.
  7. I am considering purchasing a wide angle lense for my setup - but notice that alot of the profesional shooters utilize a dome port (such as the fisheye). Any insight on what the difference between the dome port vs the flat port?
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