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  1. For Sale Nikon D700 Camera Body only. Conditions: Used Item fully functional with sign of cosmetic wear. Never dropped! 26.000 shutter release , Nikon guarantees D700 to 150.000 shutter release. Camera has been always stored on a dry camera cabinet. Used on tripod, thread still in very good conditions. Camera serviced once a year at Nikon Osaka. Last time serviced April 2012. Check picture attached for sensor conditions. Sensor condition good, however, recommended to be cleaned. 1600 USD + Shipping fees accept paypal only , Price not negotiable Shipping time +/- 7 business day contact me at luca.vaime@gmail.com
  2. Hi Guys I am looking for an MDX-700 Anyone knows where I can find one? I know it is quite difficult item to find but who knows cheers, L
  3. The most important was that nobody got hurt! R.I.P MSY Mandarine. The owners are very respectable people , I am sure they have been dealing with the situation adequately.
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