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    Olympus EPL-1
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    Inon Z240, Light & Motion Sola 1200
  1. Hey Everyone, I'm selling my full Olympus PEN E-PL1 underwater setup. This gets you everything you need to jump in the water and shoot away! Everything has been meticulously cared for and stored properly, used underwater on about 60 dives over the course of a year and a half. This camera takes great pictures! (here's a few examples - taken with this exact set up, plus 1 strobe) Bought New - ~$1600 My Price - $700 for everything below, includes shipping in the continental US! Olympus PEN E-PL1 Camera with 14-42mm Lens - this mirror-less camera is easy to use and has a great quality 12MP micro four-thirds sensor that is 8 times bigger than a compact camera sensor. Full manual controls and a variety of auto modes make it perfect for underwater use. Interchangeable lenses offer you full flexibility for great wide angle and macro shooting! My camera looks and functions like brand new, no cosmetic damage, no dead pixels on the LCD, everything is in perfect condition. The sensor is completely clean and there are no scratches on the lens glass. Olympus PT-EP01 Underwater Housing for the E-PL1 - This housing is specifically designed for the E-PL1 camera. My housing functions like new, all buttons are in good working order, the o-ring is in good condition. The glass port is clean with no scratches or damage. Includes the front port cover and lanyard to attach the cover to the housing as well as the rear LCD sunshade. Includes all accessories that came with the camera and housing (except one small rubber fiber optic plug). In addition I am including 1 spare battery ($60 value), and the 14-42mm zoom gear ($45 value) at no extra cost. Silicone grease, o-ring pick, lens and camera body caps, battery charger and original battery and both camera and housing manuals are included. Great Macro tools! Inon UCL-165 M67 Macro lens and Olympus Macro Adapter. This lens is in perfect condition, no scratches or damage on the glass. Retails for $178, I'm including it in this package for only $130 with the Olympus Macro adapter ($50) for free, including a handy lanyard you can clip to your BCD so you have an easy place to store the lens and adapter when not in use! This a fantastic set up for any beginner or even experienced underwater shooter. At a great price, don't miss your chance! I accept Paypal or cash if you are in the Los Angeles Area, free ground shipping to anywhere in the continental USA. Alaska/HI add $15 for shipping, International folks, PM me with your information and I'll calculate shipping/insurance costs.
  2. Ikelite AF-35 Strobe - a perfect first strobe! I am selling my Ikelite AF-35 strobe. This strobe is in like new condition. It was used for about one year, then sat unused in my closet for a few months after I purchased a new set up. I am finally getting around to posting this as I do some pre-spring cleaning! I tested the strobe out this evening and it works perfectly. The Ikelite AF-35 is a fantastic strobe with any compact camera set up. It uses an optical sensor to read the flash from the housing for firing without any need of fiber optic cable. Auto and Manual adjustments, it's the perfect way to get started improving your UW photo setup! I loved and used this strobe out in California where it worked great. New this costs $420 My Strobe: $300 (includes UPS ground shipping in continental USA and paypal fees. I will ship other places for an additional cost). Includes all parts, Strobe with tray, diffuser, shims for various brand housings, screws and manual. (everything but the box!) In like new condition, very well cared for - you'd almost believe it was never in the water! Never flooded, battery compartment is in pristine condition, o-ring is still in good condition. Included diffuser to create a softer even beam of light, or use without. Strobe face is clean and unscratched.
  3. Definitely go with the Ikelite or other. The biggest problem with the Canon IMO is that it doesn't allow for aperture control once the camera is in the housing (where as the ikelite does, through the knob on the front). The Ikelite is also better constructed. It includes a 67mm thread so you can easily add macro or wide angle lens without an adapter. As for Strobe, I had the AF35 and it works well, but I'd advise against only because once you've started taking pictures and really want to get some better, or maybe add a wide angle lens to your set up, you'll start to see that you are very limited with the AF35. You can't pull it too far from the camera and its not the most powerful. I would say spend the few extra bucks to get a slightly nicer strobe, otherwise you'll end up like me and spend the $$ on the first, then spend the $$ again for the new strobe!!!
  4. Hello Wetpixel!! Just another new member introducing themselves. I've been diving since 2003, am a PADI and SDI dive instructor who has been a hobbyist photographer for awhile, but just now really getting into it and working to improve my skills and overall photography. I am based in Los Angeles, and love the California kelp forests, even with the challenge that our conditions can lend to photography... that which doesn't kill you makes you stronger right? Looking forward to gaining new tips and sharing whatever wisdom I pick up along the way, as well as my photos! Here is one of my favorites, Moray Eel surrounded by purple hydrocoral on Farnsworth Banks, backside of Catalina.
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