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  1. Thanks a lot Ellen for your reply,so we have Sigma Vs Nikon 1-0. I would like to have some other opinions as well before spending my money... Please if anyone else has these lenses,I would like to have your opinion.
  2. Thanks again my friend I will read your article and make some new answers...
  3. Oh thanks again, So lets sum up to see if I understood everything right... 1)Domes are better because they let you focus manually which is something important for close up pictures... 2)Ikelite is a middle but fair solution for housing. 3)Fisheye and especially Sigma should be a must buy lens... 4)Focus lights will be needed... Also I totally agree with you about the things we can afford and the things we want... If I want to take photos of amateur scuba divers these 2 lenses will be enough for me (tamron 28-75,Sigma 15mm) or I will definitely need some lights?
  4. I agree that Nikon 18-55 is good,lightweight lens suitable for trips e.t.c.
  5. Hello my friend,and thank you so much for the reply.Ikelite doesn't have a port for 14-24,only Subal has one and it costs 1400 euro (only the port...) Moreover ikelite has a port for tamron 28-75.Do you think I will be fine with Tamron or I should get a Nikon 16mm or Sigma 15mm? Generally ikelites housings are fine right? Ok magic filters will be needed... A last question,is there any difference between ikelites port that costs about 150e (usable for one lens) and the dome which is for a group of similar lens and costs about 300e? I read something about lack of focus with the ports only.Is that true or I misunderstood? Sorry for my English...Thank you.
  6. Hello my friends from Greece,I am new to underwater photography and I desperately need your help. I want to buy a housing for my Nikon D700 but I can spend around 2000euro.They told me that Subal has the best housing for my camera but costs more than 3000 euro with no ports.What do you think is the best choice?Ikelites housing? My lenses are nikon 14-24, 50mm 1.4G and Tamron 28-75 2.8. Do you think that these lenses are good for UW photography?I read that 14-24 is not suitable for UW. I intend to take photos with ambient light in Greece because I wont have any more money to spent for Strobes. Thank you for your help Giannis.
  7. Hello from Greece,I am looking also for a wide lens for my Nikon D700. I read about Nikon 16mm 2.8 and Sigma 15mm 2.8. What you think is the best for underwater photography?Also I love half sea-half out of the sea pictures and I would like to take this kind of pictures... Thank you,Giannis.
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