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  1. Thanks for the replies! A couple of questions to add: - Is it all the same if we book whale shark snorkeling at Isla Mujeres while we are there, one day before going on the trip? Or should we book in advance? - Can one do the following kind of custom day trip: 1 dive at a Cenote (which one?) + see 1 or two of the Mayan pyramids (Chichen Itza / Uxmal / another one?) - Which dive operator do you recommend at: * Isla Mujeres (diving / snorkeling) * Cozumel (diving) * Playa del Carmen (Cenote / pyramids)
  2. From their website: "The cost for tours that allow guests to swim with whale sharks is set by the Mexican governing body, at $125 USD minimum." WOW. Is it really that expensive everywhere..?
  3. We've decide to go on a holiday to Mexico. We have about 10 days (8 full and 2 when we fly from/to Miami). We want to - do diving in Cozumel, - snorkel with whale sharks and - some topside activities. Should we stay at Cozumel or can we go by boat from Playa del Carmen every morning for dives (how long is the boat ride)? Should we pick an all-inclusive resort with diving and meals included (i.e. are there some recommended ones) or should we take a hotel and take dives separately? Can you recommend nice dive companies/all inclusive resorts? We want a reputable company because my girlfriend is a beginner. We also want to snorkel with whale sharks. Is Isla Mujeres the place to go or do you recommend something else? Any companies recommended? How about topside activities? Is Cenote cave worth it? How about the Mayan ruins? I'd really appreciate the help!
  4. Here are some of the shots I managed to take with my set in Lembeh Strait last August. This is my first trip with this set, so I'm still learning. I'm using Canon PowerShot G12 in Canon WP-DC34 housing, Dyron 67 mm and 77 mm macro diopters and Inon D-2000. Any constructive criticism is greatly appreciated! All the photos are here in Flickr.
  5. I have stacked Dyron 67 mm and Dyron 77 macro lenses.
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