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  1. I will have to look that up. Mostly, I tried to think about what I should be doing at each step of the process. With so much going on underwater, it's easy to forget a few critical steps.
  2. This is my first attempt at developing a systematic decision-making approach to underwater photography. My intention is to clarify what I should be concentrating on at each point from the time I enter the water until after I take the final shot of a subject. I welcome your comments on this draft and will make the final version available to all. Finding Subjects. Ideally understand the behavior of what you plan to shoot. Decide if the subject is suitable for my specific camera setup. Determine that the subject is accessible without inappropriate contact. Shoot Video or Still? Approach. Plan approach to avoid damage to subject and environment. Minimise silting on approach. Minimise animal disturbance. Compose Determine creative objective (ID, capture behavior, etc.). Do I need to adjust camera settings and orientation? Consider background. Consider plane of focus. Strobe/Light Position. Snoot/Backlight/Standard strobe/Ambient? One or two strobes? Strobe position. Initial strobe power. Taking the Shot. Peak of action. Smooth release. Proper focus point. Concentrate on framing. Checking the Shot. Histogram. Eye in focus? Strobe light balance. Backscatter? Distracting foreground or background? Did I achieve my creative objective? Exiting the Shot. Communicate with waiting photographers or guide. Avoid silting. Avoid disturbing animal.
  3. Nauticam Housing for Canon T3i. Flooded once, alarm not functional but otherwise in perfect working order. $750. Housing only. Canon T3i in excellent condition (replacement for the flooded one). $350.00 Tokina 10-17 lens only, excellent condition (replacement for the flooded one), Canon mount. $350. Will sell each separately, or entire package for $1,250.
  4. Looking for a Nauticam NA7d2 housing for my Canon 7d mk2.
  5. Hi- I am in Cozumel through 4/4/18, and having trouble with my dive operator. Despite their having a good reputation and being one of the more expensive operators on the island, they are putting me with new divers breathing air whose idea of a dive is to float as fast as possible over a reef, making it impossible for me to stop long enough to work underwater. I am coming up with half a tank of Nitrox after a dive spent trying to keep up with the newbies until they run out of air, bottom time or both. Are there any photographer friendly dive operators I can switch to? I am going to give these guys one more chance tomrrow, but if they can't put me in a decent group I have to make a change. Thanks for any help.
  6. Still available? New, used or both? Tom
  7. Nice photos. Who did you dive with? I am taking a dslr to Cozumel for the first time, and need to know a camera friendly dive operator.
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