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  1. All your points are well taken, considering I will buy my UW Photo equipment I will NOT be taking photo's untill I feel that I have control underwater. Which will probably be quite awhile so really it will work out for the better. It will give me lots of time to save for my equipment and learn what I need to for scuba. thanks folks! DJH add: I will still inquire about UW photo equipment so I will be able to make the best purchase I can. So don't be concerned when I do inquire, I will make my learning process for diving my number one priority. thanks again
  2. I didn't get the impression that he thought the shop was unfair, He was just suffering from sticker shock. You should have seen the look on my face when I first found out what a Subal housing would cost for my S2Pro! About 3 times the cost of the camera! And that is without ports or strobes! That's why it took almost a year from the time I decided to house my camera to when I actually bought the housing. BTW, I went with Ikelite not for the low cost but from nearly a years research into service, support and MUCH internet time reading others opinions. So settle in dchillis and save some money, do some dishes and enjoy the ride! Sticker shock does not kill!! I really like the Ikelite also thats the housing Im hoping to get, here's to dishpan hands!
  3. I didn't say it was fair or unfair I said it wasent' for me! A friendly Pm from pmooney to me: dude you need to take a pill or something
  4. Wow BVA thats very kind of you to offer the use of your truly top of the line housing. DJH
  5. Very nice series of shots Jim! Colors are fantastic on #2. DJH
  6. Found a shop here local (So. Cal) that is renting a housing for my Canon 10D. Called the place up to find out how much it would be for about a 8 day rental and YIKES. The housing would cost me 400 doughnuts and a strobe would be 100 more. I was saddened by the price. Nothing against the shop owner he seemed like a really cool dude, and I guess thats what the going price is (well as far as I know) but 65 nuts a day, it aint for me. Rent it 2 times and thats what it would cost me to buy a Ikelite housing. Anyway pretty dissapointed guess I'll have to save my change and bribe my wife to get a housing. Ahhhhhhhhh crap! I'll have dishpan hands for years to come. Oh well what ever it takes! :wink: DJH
  7. I have a great time taking shots with the 10D here's two from a heli over Kauai.
  8. I'm glad to read that nobody used the heart stroke ! Have fun, truly enjoy your first OW course, you can do this only once. I'll tell ya I felt like I was going to have a stroke
  9. Another nice series of shots Mariano! Great job. DJH
  10. Excellent shots Mariano! Great expression on #1. DJH
  11. Beautifull shots Stu! Don't you just love that camera. Shot #3 is fantastic. great job! I can't wait to try mine out. What is the best filter for UW shooting? I will probably be starting out using my 17-40mmL wide. DJH
  12. Hey yeah really come on now! The instructor allready told us how we will die if we hold our breath will using a regulator. No really so far having a great time and look forward to the next steps, It really funny how you can imange how your classmates will perform and then when it actually comes time you discover everyone is pretty much in the same boat. Take for instance the swim test Im thinking to myself man im not that great of a swimmer above water (lot better with a snorkel and being under) and then everyone does the test and well all looked like it was the first time in the water, it tends to make the learning experiance better when were all on the same level. Just a thought. DJH
  13. Now on the outside those two exercises don't seem to be that hard, what makes that a difficult task?
  14. Can anyone share with me some UW photo's taken with the Canon 10D? thanks DJH
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