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  1. Has anyone changed their buttons and springs to increase the depth rating for their housings? My Subal ND30 if rated to 180'. I would like to be able to take it deeper. I was thinking of having Backsckatter change the springs and butttons so it is rated to 400'. I was wondering if anyone has done this. How stiff are the buttons at shallow depths? Any regrets? Thanks Shane
  2. I am from Canada and traveling to the Red Sea in November. I am having problems finding a 3 pronged (grouned) power converter to go from 220V to 110V. All my Sea & Sea strobes have three pronged plugs and all the travel converters only have 2 prongs and often only recommend using for 45 min or not to use with computers etc. What is everyone using for power converters with their strobes etc? Thanks SM
  3. Derek Maybe I should get my Nikonos V and 104 strobe out of storage. Maybe not. I have been waiting since July to try out my new setup. That would suck putting a hole in your dry suit. Maybe I should go rent a wet suit from my dive store before the trip. My wet suit appears to have shrunk (funny how that happens). We should compare trips, dive boats and pictures after our trip. Shane
  4. Is anyone diving with a drysuit? I am leaving for the Galapagos on the Aggressor in two weeks. Everyone in our club is bringing their drysuit. Maybe I will get too hot swimming against the currents. I am also starting to get worried about taking my DSLR with dual strobes for the first time with such currents. Shane
  5. I am going to the Galapagos mid November for a dive trip. (First time in the ocean with my new camera set up - can't wait). What should I bring for a dive suit? I have a BARE Trilam HD Pro drysuit. I am not sure what to bring for underwear? I was thinking of bringing a few layers of thin fleece underwear and light gloves and light hood. Will I be cold? Yesterday I was diving and the water temp was 43F. I was warm in my Hi-Loft Polarwear Extreme underwear with thick gloves and thick hood. However, I think this will be too warm and take up too much room in my dive bag. What has everyone else used? Any recommendaions would be appreciated. Thanks, Shane
  6. I am looking for a carrying case for my camera and lap top. I think I saw a post or website describing a carrying case or backpack that had a removable or built in compartment for their lap top. Has anyone seen this? Does anyone carry their camera and laptop together or is everyone using separate cases/bags? Thanks, Shane
  7. Hi everyone; I have a Nikon D300 and using a 12-24mm wide angle lens and 60mm macro lens. What focus and exposure settings are everyone using on their Nikon DSLR cameras for macro and wide angle photography? Focus Mode: S - single-servo AF C - continuous-servo AF M - manual AF-Area Mode: Single-point AF Dynamic-area AF (9 points, 21 points, 51 points, 51 points [3D-tracking]) Auto-area AF Metering Mode: 3D color matrix II Center weighted Spot Thanks for your input, Shane
  8. I also take the o-rings out and store greased in a zip-lock bag. The housing is then stored closed in a protecked bag. Shane
  9. Joe Which Porter case do you have that fits into the overhead compartment? Thanks, Shane
  10. I just bought two 8Gb Scan Disk iExtreme IV at 40 Mb/sec (300x) rate but they were $220/each.
  11. It sounds like most people are using 8 Gb cards. I also use two 8Gb cards and swap them daily. Shane
  12. Why buy a Porter Case over a Pelican? I never even heard of a Porter Case before? Thanks, Shane
  13. What camera system are you using? Nice picture of the turtle and barnacles. Shane
  14. It has been years since I have done that beautiful location. Great pictures. I also like the kelp greenling picture.
  15. Gary; How fast were the cards you just got? I saw Compact Flash Extreme IV (40MB/sec) at $219 Canadian, which I thought was a deal. Shane
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