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  1. Hello everyone,


    I will be testing the NEX-5N with Sony lenses in in a flat port non adjustable housing that is designed to fit the 18-55 kit lens at the 18mm position very close to the port glass. This will be = 60mm in physical size measured length.


    When looking at the physical sizes of the other Sony lenses I see:

    50 1.8 prime is 62mm

    30 Macro is 55.5mm in length


    What are your thoughts about these lenses considering my housing constraints?


    Will the 50/1.8 will allow me to capture larger animals taking into consideration the faster lens and better ISO capabilities of the 5N?

    Will the 30 Macro be useful considering i will be at a 4.5mm disadvantage because of the lens to port spacing?


    Thank you,


  2. I just did a test today shooting 20 raw images and timing them start to finish. I tested them on a Canon T2i and NEX-5N. All cards were formatted in each camera before the test. Overall the Sony was 20% faster than the Canon.


    The Sony camera shooting 20 RAW 16MP images.


    Micro Center 16GB Class 10 was in 22.5 seconds

    The Eye-Fi 8GB Pro 23 seconds

    Transcend 8GB class 6 Class 4 8Gb 34 seconds


    The buffer filled up on the fastest cards after 8 shots with the Transcend being noticeably slow. Even while it was slow shooting raw it recorded 1080p 60i video without a problem as the data rate is lower than RAW in burst mode.


    As an FYI there is a new data transfer technology that is becoming available in cameras to increase their transfer speed. Its called UHS-i and the new OM-D is supposed to have it. If you look at the extreme cards some of them have UHS-i.


    I would say if your camera supports UHS-i get the card and enjoy the difference. If you dont you might just want to get a class 10 for $16 now and pick up the UHS-i when you get a camera that supports it or the price drops by 50%.


    One last item on the NEX-5N I can shoot continuous at 16MP fine JPJ setting and took 20 pictures in 6 seconds. While all cameras are different you always have the option to step down from RAW. I've done this at airshows and taken 500 shots in 60 minutes with some dumb luck amazing pictures to show for it.

  3. The NEX-5N can be purchased for $599 body only or $699 with a kit lens. An OEM UW style housing can be purchased on linkdelight.com for $81. i'm not kidding...


    This hosing is of the same quality as the other OEM housings but by some miracle we are able to buy it direct from Hong Kong for a cheap price. At dpreview people have discussed and implemented a mod to make the housing work with the NEX-5N. I have purchased both versions of the housing for testing and believe this could be a great opportunity to get an APS-C camera in the hands of UW shooters for a ridiculously small price.


    Within the next 10 days i should receive my units from HK and should learn quite a bit about its capabilities. What I could really use is the help and experience of others. Would you please consider joining me on this venture? I would love nothing more than to make a powerful & inexpensive UW solution available to users who cannot afford a higher end DSLR solution.


    Thank you,



  4. I've been brainstorming on this low end case...


    I called a local camera store and found that WA and Fisheye lens hoods were removable but he didn't have anything in stock so i could not get a assembled height comparison between the 16+Fisheye compared to the stock lens.


    If the combined height was close enough to fit in this case that might give some really compelling beginner level CFWA capabilities :)

    This would be such a hot casual shooter setup. (someone who has to get on a plane for a minimum of 2 hours to dive or taking pics around pools or local lakes without worrying about the oops factor)


    A high level comparison:

    Casual / beginner - NEX 5n camera +16mm + fisheye +case = $1100.

    Low/Mid Range UW - EPL-3 @ $2650 (Camera + WA lens + Zen dome + Case)

    Low end DSLR - T2i / Nautica @ 4700 (T2i, 10-15 Tokina + compact zen dome)



    Cons , lens wont be as good, worry about floods more, more difficult lighting setup, limited & softer macro's


    Pro's, Try & don't like - return or sell on Ebay, MUCH more affordable than other options, lets you get your other foundational gear now and upgrade the case later, doesn't lock you into a system (keep your foundational gear and upgrade the body and case as this platform matures), 2x - 4x lower loss if flood or stolen




    ** Update - I was able to get the lens specs on the SONY website and it looks like this might work. I bought both camera housings for testing and pending the results I'll keep one and sell the other. Stay tuned!!

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