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  1. Juvenile golden trevally - Gnathanodon speciosus I'm no good with slugs, but not so bad with fish
  2. I haven't used the G12, but on the s95, E900 and other ikelite housings I've used I've never noticed the weight of the wet lens as a problem.
  3. That looks like a pretty good deal. I'm not sure why no one has mentioned using the ikelite G12 housing with a 67mm threaded wide angle lens? It will get some vignetting, but you can zoom past that and still achieve a wider angle than with the flat port. I would say the s100 package you are looking at would be a better fit for concentrating on wide angle though, and once you add the wet lens to the ikelite housing it might not be much more expensive. Cocos-Keeling islands or Cocos Island on the other side of the world?
  4. I think underexposed refers more to the elements not lit by the strobe. A slower shutter speed would have allowed a brighter blue without making much difference to the strobe-lit foreground. A lighter background would have helped to disguise some of the backscatter as well.
  5. Davelew, that is the best explanation I have read on why filters have an advantage over post processing or white balance. Thanks
  6. Allison, are you sure he is still trying to get money, or is this just a dead thread resurrected long after he'd resolved it with Canon?
  7. If it is any consolation, a number of white sharks have been spotted by helicopter or picked up by acoustic tags near to Perth swimming beaches since the announcement of funding for killing troublesome sharks, and none have been harmed. A dead whale even washed up on a popular swimming beach last week without any major panic. As for education, the fisheries department does have this page, and it is quite often quoted when shark attacks/encounters are reported: http://fish.wa.gov.au/Education-and-Partnerships/Shark-Hazard/Pages/default.aspx
  8. I see there is no point continuuing this discussion.
  9. I don't know much about the situation with giant sea bass on the other side of the world, but I'm glad they caught the guy and took action back in June. Hopefully the same thing happens to anyone taking black rockcod on the east coast by line, spear, or commercially. From the NSW DPI document that you linked to: "Black Rockcod (Epinephelus Daemelii) Recovery Plan" So modern spearfishers are actively involved in assisting fisheries research and being conservative in their spearfishing, but need to admit that there are occaisionally bad eggs which do stupid things either out of ignorance or bad attitude. They are taking active measures to educate, above and beyond what DPI are doing, but can't talk to everyone. You can paint all spearos as ignorant and past their used by date, but someone could do the same thing for all divers when a bad dive charter drags anchor through a sanctuary zone, or a newbie diver kicks the crap out of coral trying to get a photo. I personally don't think that would be fair.
  10. The "Professional Underwater Photographer" that Walt refered to as being entirely fiction would be someone who makes their living entirely from getting paid for the photos they have taken underwater. As it appears, a more realistic job title is "Professional in the Underwater Photographic Industry", where the bulk of an underwater photographer's income is made from underwater photography, the associated equipment, education, magazines, trip organising, competition judging, etc etc . In my humble opinion anyway, as I don't fit into either of these categories I'm happy to be corrected.
  11. Thanks again for the responses - all very enlightening and it has certainly developed into an interesting discussion.
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