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  1. hi, as my diving experience unfurls i find myself in need of books. i am currently a DM and putting together a system based around the D70 which i bought 6 months ago. i am looking for books related to UW photography. i have searched this forum and already found the following recommended "Sucessful underwater photography: Howard Hall and Brian Skerry", "John Shaw's Nature Photography Field Guide", "Jim Church's Field Guide to Composition", "Wonders of The Reef: Stephen Frink" .i would be grateful for any other recommendations. ALSO...I am looking to expand my general knowledge concerning the marine environment and am a little lost as to where to start. i am not looking for a book about nudibranch horns nor do i want a book about the sea. i also dont want a new fish book. bearing in mind i have been diving in thailand and malaysia, i would be particularly interested in books that covered the development of reef life in this part of the world. any other suggestions on GREAT marine biology books in general would be helpful. any, all help would be appreciated. christof
  2. Thanks for that James Looks like i am going to have get the 60 or 105 macro then, unless they're not compatible either. I really do not want to fork out thousands of $s for an aluminium casing. I obviously need to research more!
  3. hello i'm christof. i have been lurking for a couple of months. i have picked up lots of useful information from you guys and marvelled at some sublime shots. thx i started diving just over a year ago, so a real newbie. i enjoy taking photos on land so naturally transferred my limited skills underneath the water using a friends cheapie. however, i soon decided that before dedicating more time and money to this endeavour that it would be a good idea to become a good diver first. i do not want to destroy the marvellous environment that i am trying to capture. i have heard so many horror stories about photographers who are just bad divers that i definitely do not want become one of them. i have a D70 with the kit lens. i bought the Sigma 15mm FE yesterday in Kuala Lumpur. i head back up to continue my DM with a school on the Similans tomorrow. i will not be buying a housing until i have completed the course. if it all works out i hope to buy an Ikelite housing, 70-180 Macro and a single strobe, to start off with, unless advised otherwise. this hobby is soooo expensive! looking forward to the time when i can contribute more. for now i'll just keep reading.
  4. hey, if you haven't found one already. i have been on two liveaboards to the similans in the last month with these guys. i enjoyed myself so much that i am now doing my DM with them. http://www.seadragondivecenter.com/ i don't see it on the site but i am fairly sure they do a 6 night liveaboard. cheers christof
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