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  1. Thanks to all for the replies, I guess I will take some video lights in case they offer a night dive. Appreciate the links --- Marc
  2. I'm going to Fakarava for the grouper spawning and shark action. I'm gonna be shooting stills with a Sony A7RIII + 8-15m in a nauticam + Inon Z-330's. I will probably try to capture video on a couple of the dives. My question is whether to take video lights with me (there are some weight restrictions). I have a couple Kraken solar flare mini's(12,000 Lumens), and also a couple 3800 lumens Itorch lights. I'm not sure if it's worth dragging the video lights along. Any opinions on whether ambient light is adequate for video in french Polynesia ? Thanks
  3. F.S. lightly used WA port in like new condition. Fits gates video housing AX 700/Z90 & Ax100. Includes flip adapter and Saga pro +5 diopter so both wide angle and macro video capable on same dive. The port is 850 + tax new The flip adapter and diopter is 400 new Make me an offer------ Marc Laxineta DVM www.robovet.net
  4. Sold housing. Port, tripod, lights and flip adapter with diopter still available
  5. The housing includes the GP34 WA port; flip adapter; and the factory installed seal check Still interested ?
  6. Yes max it is---
  7. Gates AX700/Z90 Housing and the following: 1) GP34 Gates WA port 2) Gates top mounted carry handle 3) Kraken remote control 4) SAGA DivePro +5 Macro Diopter Lens 5) 2 Kraken solar flare mini's with ball adapter and 2 optical cables (can control lights without reaching) 6) SAGA Flip Diopter Holder 7) Gates Tripod 8) Gates factory installed Seal Check Lite System (inclusive of housing fitting) 9) Sony AX700 4K (UHD) video camera with NP-FV100A extended batteries (2) All you need are some UL arms-----=-= All items were purchased in April 2019. Only used on 6 dives. I will remove the Sony AX700 and or the Video lights, but all other items are a package. $6250.00 for everything (original cost 10K)
  8. Included with the housing: · Nauticam HDMI bulkhead with thread size to fit Nauticam 5D mark 3 housing · Leak detection system · Vacuum pump · Ball mount · HDMI Cables (4) · HDMI L adapter · Replacement o-rings · Nauticam carry case · Nauticam silicon Nauticam Monitor hood (shade) I paid 1600.00 for the housing and 180.00 for the hood. I'm asking 1250.00 plus postage. I only used this on one dive trip (8 dives). Marc www.robovet.net
  9. (several requests for more images) Here is a link to images. There are no scratches on any of the ports. There are a couple scratches on the housing itself but hardly noticeable. https://flic.kr/s/aHsm4y9Wzz
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