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  1. All items have sold except : na-37303Nauticam (for NA-A7II) N100 to N120 35.5mm Port Adapter with Zoom/Focus Knob
  2. I’m in Murrieta Southern California where are you located ?
  3. Yes Murrieta California marc 9513781134 on the road best to call me
  4. Sold Z240 Sold optical cables Sold UL arms, clamps, & floats
  5. Slightly used 8000 lumen video lights includes Kraken remote control, optical cables, 2 8 inch ball to YS arms and clamps. The remote allows you to control the on/off/power modes of each video light without having to reach out. 950.00 for both lights and accessories.
  6. Bought this kit in 2019 for $7000.00 +. Used on 22 dives. This setup is for a Sony A7R3 with a Canon 8-15mm Fisheye lens using Sigma MC11 adapter. Nauticam A7R3 & A73 Housing paid 2850 + tax. Asking 2000.00 Backscatter Airlock with Wahoo Bulkhead paid 398 + tax Asking 240.00 na-18811Nauticam N120 140mm Optical Glass Fisheye Port (with removable shade). Paid 1000.00 + tax Asking 600.00 na-21130Nauticam N120 Extension Ring 30 with lock Paid 290.00 + tax Asking 180.00 na-37303Nauticam (for NA-A7II) N100 to N120 35.5mm Port Adapter with Zoom/Focus Knob. Paid 420.00 + tax Asking 250.00 in-z330Inon Z330 Underwater Strobe. Paid 650.00 + tax Asking. 420.00 in-z240Inon Z240 Underwater Strobe. Paid 540.00 + tax Asking 300.00 na-26302Nauticam Mini Flash Trigger for Sony A7/A7III/A9. Paid 220.00 + tax Asking 130.00 2 X Ultralight 8 inch double ball arms; 2 X Ultralight 5 inch double ball arms; 8 UL clamps 1 UL long clamp for focus lights. Paid 472.00 (47 for arms, 32 for clamps) Asking 280.00 na-26216Nauticam Universal Fiber Optic Cable (Mounts included for Nauticam, Inon, Sea & Sea). (2). PAID 200.00 (100.00 ea) + tax Asking 100.00 Light & Motion Sola 1200 used for focus light Paid 279.00 + tax Asking 150.00 Total = 4650.00 for package Please contact me if you want more detailed images of any items. I have the Sony A7R3 ; canon 8-15mm Lens; and MC11 adapter if interested in separate sale Everything is in great condition including the port with no scratches or any problems.
  7. Thanks to all for the replies, I guess I will take some video lights in case they offer a night dive. Appreciate the links --- Marc
  8. I'm going to Fakarava for the grouper spawning and shark action. I'm gonna be shooting stills with a Sony A7RIII + 8-15m in a nauticam + Inon Z-330's. I will probably try to capture video on a couple of the dives. My question is whether to take video lights with me (there are some weight restrictions). I have a couple Kraken solar flare mini's(12,000 Lumens), and also a couple 3800 lumens Itorch lights. I'm not sure if it's worth dragging the video lights along. Any opinions on whether ambient light is adequate for video in french Polynesia ? Thanks
  9. F.S. lightly used WA port in like new condition. Fits gates video housing AX 700/Z90 & Ax100. Includes flip adapter and Saga pro +5 diopter so both wide angle and macro video capable on same dive. The port is 850 + tax new The flip adapter and diopter is 400 new Make me an offer------ Marc Laxineta DVM www.robovet.net
  10. Sold housing. Port, tripod, lights and flip adapter with diopter still available
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