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  1. That. You'll win greatly in colors if you use artificial lights. White balance can be set afterward if you are shooting in raw, so you may be able to see and adjust directly on the picture and see with your eyes how it works, but in the end, artificial lights will simply open your horizon with a surface spectre of lights. The farer the light is from the subject and the farer the subject is from you, the less you'll have red.
  2. Hello people, This is my second thread on this forum in six month. The first was to ask for help for my choice of underwater housing for my canon 5DmkII. You helped me to chose the Ikelite model. I use it in artificial waters (swimming pools) for portraits. My avatar is an ilustration of it made by my girflriend with a nikon coolpix AW100. my gallery can ben found here : https://plus.google.com/photos/107511759174870952997/albums/5703530631076161553 I work "well" with sun and natural lights in my pools, and that's really fun, but I would like to go up and control my own lights. I have two choices : continuous lights and triggered lights. About continuous lights, I have spots underwater (minimum control, white balance not easy) and spots out of water. That's the easy way. About triggered lights : I have nothing. Not underwater, not out of water. That's the hard way. My question : What can I use for triggering the slaves flashes ? I see two ways : 1 : remote triggering by wireless or cable signal. 2 : slave/master triggering with a main flash accorded to the ikelite housing. Point 2 is quite "easy" I suppose : All I have to buy is ikelite flashes with arms and use them as trigger. But I would like to consider point 1. The question, more specialy, is : is there a remote device or a cable device or something that I can adapt to the ikelite and has someone made it before me and could help me with those tricks ? I thank you in advance for your help and hope it is the right forum. I hesitate to post in the technical forum but I thought it was quite a newbie question...
  3. I didn't even know it existed ! I can't say I see the difference or why chosing a surf housing instead of a dive housing, considering the price is quite the same. (nor the point of a surf housing. It is yellow and... ?) My choice has been arested to the Ikelite, I should receive it in 5-10 days now ! A big thanks to all of you !
  4. Noted ! Thank you : Ikelite it will be !
  5. Thanks Baumann ! I must say my optics is quite rusty so I didn't understand everything concerning this diopter thing. But I will use flat port instead of diopter port, so maybe that doesn't concern me ?
  6. Indeed, I did that. I will use at the begining my 50mm 1.4. It is for portraits and as I understand the flat surface enlarge the picture. The smaller non-modular port is adapted, as they say. I will check the other references. Thanks !
  7. Hello, Thank you for your help ! I didn't know that the port fixation of that kind ! Do you know if the case for 5DmkII is of later fabric (4 clips inestead of 2) or earlier fabric ? I use natural lights and indeed when indoor it is a real pain. And I am in Belgium, where the sun never brights, so you can imagine. I try to find indoor pools with lots of windows so I can use natural lights. I use now the nikon AW100, and it is only for training. Results can be seen here.
  8. Hello people, Here is my problem : I have canon 5D MK II and would like to find a case to make underwater photography, and it would be my main activity. I found a lot of type of cases but I must admit I am kind of limited in knowledge about them, so I would like to ask you advice. My activity will be artistic photography, with model. I will not go verry deep (5 metters seems to be a maximum !) and most of the time in swimming pools. Macro is not a must. So, in my researches I found the cheaper the better, so my choice went to ikelite housing. (I excluded the "bags" of my choices) Looking other people doing the same activity as mine, it seems all those I know have ikelite, so it seems the choice could be a good one. But I have strictly no infos about that. The web is rarely helpfull and the researches I made here were not conclusives. Could you help me please giving me informations about cases compatibles with 5DmkII and/or links about it ? On wetpixel the website, there is a review about cases for 5DmkII but ikelite is not in it. A big thanks for your help ! (And hopefully a big tank for me... well, that was a bad joke...) Greg
  9. Hello ! My name is Greg, I am new in underwater photography. I am curently shooting in artificial waters and with a waterproof compact (nikon AW100) but I am looking forward to buy an underwater housing for my canon EOS 5DmkII and go to the wild wild blue. I am more interested in underwater people than underwater fauna and flora, but I really like to shot underwater. I am from Belgium.
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