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  1. I think there are a few of us in here. Where are you? I'm in auckland.
  2. Terrific! I'll have a play with resolve. I've only seen a few impressive youtube videos so far. Not sure how good the Sigma is for u/w myself... but I'm probably not brave enough to paint it. Ultimately it's never easy to shoot against the sun. Here is one memorable encounter from a few years ago filmed with a much cheaper setup: Note how the sharks use the sun to their advantage.
  3. I would love to try Resolve but I can't afford it. Isn't it in the tens of thousands? I use PS for rendering of imported frames to movies (.h264). Not ideal and takes couple minutes per clip on my machine. I do all the image edits in LR5. Here's a frame from the clip that you saw: Thanks for the tip with the flare. I have that problem quite often because I'm usually at the surface and close encounters tend to happen when the sun is low and behind the animal. I use the 15mm Sigma and will need to look into it.
  4. Cheers - this was shot a long way offshore from New Zealand.
  5. Hi all, I hope you enjoy what is my first ML raw video. It's early days for me and there is a lot of room for improvement in regards to my workflow, which is as follows: 1. Shoot ML raw video on 5D2 (1856x1004) 2. Extract DNGs with rawmagic 3. Color correction in LR5 and export to 16bit tifs 4. Import and rendering of Image sequence in PS6 5. For convenience reasons: Editing in iMovie and export to youtube: Re #3, what should I watch when 'developing' frames for video? Would you use very different settings compared to stills?
  6. Indeed, the situation is more complex and grim than initially thought. Change of shipping lanes isn't going to happen (anytime soon). Apparently, it may not even solve the problem. Still, I disagree with the notion that no action should be taken now. Compared to the long ocean journeys these container ships take, the blue whale hot spots are small and I don't see why one couldn't at least slow the ships down in these areas to reduce mortality: http://blogs.independent.co.uk/2012/05/11/...must-slow-down/ Please do not underestimate the seriousness of this problem. They find quite a few dead ones every year and there are likely many more that are not recovered. For right whales, researchers worked out that only ~20% of whales killed by ship strike are found. Recovery rate in SL could be lower. The status quo is unacceptable. There are only two parameters that you can tweak: shipping route and speed. Research isn't going to show that ships need to go closer to shore or faster. So why not give the whales the benefit of doubt and act now?
  7. Hi all, I just came back from a trip to Sri Lanka where a major shipping route crosses the territory of the world's biggest blue whale colony. This leads to ship collisions and excess mortality that could be easily avoided at no cost. I heard from a ship captain who has worked on that route that there is virtually no downside to moving the shipping lane. This is a no-brainer and the only thing that needs to happen is that the International Maritime Organization (IMO) marks the colony's location on their charts and eventually moves the shipping lane a little bit further out to sea. This is probably best achieved if some of the big environmental organizations such as the WWF lobby the IMO and give them a hurry-up. Please watch the following video and help getting the word out:
  8. Agree, I really need to look into lighting. It seems to be very well spend money. Always wondered if video lights can be used for photography?
  9. with a better ending, I hope. Diving is a reasonably new thing to me (~5 years). I grew up thinking the ocean is a terribly hostile place because of all the bs I saw on TV. Irrational fear for wildlife keeps a lot of people out of the water and in the case of Niue even from visiting. Even the locals are scared of snakes, sharks, whales preventing them to make the most of their marine heritage. I think the stuff Steve Irwin, Manny Puig, Andre Hartman, etc do is important no matter what the wildlife aristocracy thinks...
  10. that was actually the main reason why I shared it. I thought letting go of my camera worked rather well. I have not found a robust way of color correction for videos/pics (unless they are raw files) yet and welcome any suggestions. Using the red filter is indeed a bit tricky. Videos come out too red when I'm too shallow and it cost me too much light when I dive deep. Keep in mind that this was filmed with entry-level video camera and a m43 photo camera. I know I don't do the animals a favor by tickling them. I try to make up for it by discouraging the use of scuba gear and disturbance with air bubbles. Look, half my diving friends say I'm a bad person for not exclusively feeding on seaweed, the other calls me gay for having swapped my speargun for a camera. I'm quite comfortable with where I am.
  11. I have puffed a bunch of puffers over the years but that's not the story in this case. It's easy to tell from the video: First thing a puffed blowfish does is to rotate away from you and then to make a run. I was surprised to see this one come my way (probably to seek protection). In fact, I kept swimming away from it because it was too close to my camera... It's very rare to see starry toado here in NZ but our fish seem to know that they are easy prey and go for them hard. I know of at least two more accounts of exactly the same thing. Here's the only other video that I'm aware of: https://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=348870161162 http://diving.co.nz/about/dive_blog/entry/...ble_at_trevors/
  12. I'm really proud of filming this extremely rare event of snapper eating a starry toado at the Poor Knights Islands, NZ. Enjoy the show:
  13. Hey all, I recently made the switch from spearfishing and really enjoy taking underwater photos/videos now. My new weapon of choice is a m43 (GF2), which I've learned to love and hate. Feel free to browse a selection of my pics and videos on flickr and youtube: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mazdaquarium/ http://www.youtube.com/mzdktv
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