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  1. Too bad that I can't "Like" both the posts above, they made me laugh with sympathy. What a great story, thanks.
  2. Adam, as others have said already, best wishes for a full and speedy recovery. Please follow the advice of your therapists, etc, they do know what they are doing. As an EMT, I see too many folks who don't follow their advice, don't make the necessary lifestyle changes and we end up seeing them later on. Don't let that be you, and stay safe.
  3. Very nice, thanks for sharing!
  4. I love arrow crabs as well, to the boredom of those who watch my videos, I'm afraid. Great shots, Tim!
  5. I love those little guys and try to get some photos of them each trip to the Caribbean. Really nice shot, Tim.
  6. I was about to suggest basically the same thing as @Barmaglot - oversized lights run at minimum power. With any of the lights that I have used, minimum power will give you the time that you need. That is basically what I do on night dives, run my video lights continuously as my main lights, and just turn them up as needed.
  7. Another short video from Roatan shrimp_and_goby.movie.mp4
  8. I agree with Thani. I have shot with and without an external monitor. The monitor just makes it easier to compose and frame the scene, especially with macro subjects where you want to get the camera down close to the bottom, but can't get your eyes down there.
  9. I have one, and am not selling it. You will love this lens when you finally find one. Good luck!
  10. Thanks @lutfu and @Kraken de Mabini
  11. Yes indeed. It is tough to maintain focus.
  12. From a recent trip to CoCo View Resort in Roatan, Honduras. sailfin_blenny.mp4
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