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  1. I have used several iterations of the Oceanic ProPlus console, mostly for the large easy to read screen. I also wear a wrist computer as a backup.
  2. Yes, I agree. At first, I was put off by it, and then quickly realized that it was a conscious decision - and a good one for the story that you were telling. Nice job.
  3. I have no idea what it is, but that is a nice find.
  4. Beautiful work, very impressive. What a great opportunity that was. Thanks for sharing that.
  5. I would like to thank Lutfu for a very smooth transaction. Very good communication throughout the process, and very quick payment. I hope that you enjoy the lens, and look forward to seeing images using it soon.
  6. This post should be moved to the Classifieds section. This is not the appropriate place for a wanted ad. Sorry.
  7. I am thinking of selling mine, but I am in the US, so shipping might be expensive.
  8. Your comments on the photos are a nice touch as well, good job.
  9. Great stuff, thanks. Great idea to help preserve the Roatan Marine Park, thanks.
  10. Yeah, my wife and a couple of others in the group that I travel to Roatan with routinely carry magnifying glasses underwater. I love that Arrow Blenny shot, but all of yours are really nice.
  11. One other thing to consider is an external monitor. I exclusively shoot video, so that was essential for me, but it certainly makes it much, much easier to see what is or isn't in focus. It does add a lot of cost and complexity to your apparatus, though, and adds to the drag of the system while swimming. So, there are trade-offs, but for me, an external monitor helps immensely.
  12. Lol, I can certainly understand that part. Whenever I clean up the dog hairs from my single Golden, it looks like I should be able knit a sweater from all the hair.
  13. Thank you, I appreciate that - and sorry for the thread hijack.
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