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  1. Thanks, 'll be there in mid-February - hope you have great trips as well.
  2. Very nice, I recognize some of those spots. You found more nudibranchs than I normally see, so I guess that I am going to have to look closer. We just bought our airline tickets for our next trip back to Roatan, and I can't wait.
  3. Yes, I have seen lots of those in Roatan, but never knew what they were. Now I will have to check them for the skeleton shrimp. I had no idea that they might be there. Thanks!
  4. I use A2 Hosting for several domains. As I recall, it is $9.99 per month.
  5. There are several threads here already on this topic. Here is a link to one of them:
  6. Nice work, I can see why they would want to use that for marketing.
  7. Yes, I did have to try a couple of positions before I was really happy with them. I have mine set just barely below my line of sight, so that it is easy to look down slightly to use them. Good luck.
  8. Like @Bill1946, I use the stick-on lenses in my mask with good success. They are certainly the cheapest option, so you could try them first, and if they work - great. If not, you aren't out much money, and can try something else.
  9. FWIW, Edmund Optics is a great resource. I may have to look through their catalog to see if there is anything that might help you. https://www.edmundoptics.com/ If you want to look through their selection of beam splitters, you have quite a few choices: https://www.edmundoptics.com/search/?criteria=beam%20splitter# .
  10. I don't shoot stills, but have an interest in optics, so I took a look at your design, and it looks like a great idea. I wonder how well the 50% mirrors hold up to seawater. Any idea? I do like the design, though.
  11. As always, Tim_G's suggestions are a great place to start. In addition, we need to know a little about you. Are you already a diver? What kinds of things are you looking to photograph - wide reef scenes, your dive buddies, tiny, macro subjects? What sort of budget do you have in mind (be aware that underwater photography is always more expensive than you think that it will be)? That will help us get an idea of which direction to start directing you.
  12. What I tell our new divers (and try to do myself) is to equalize every time I take a breath while descending and again while ascending. I have always had some trouble equalizing, and this has helped me a lot, along with descending very slowly and deliberately. If I am going to be making many repetitive dives in a row, I may also take Sudafed (the real stuff that you have sign for at the pharmacy, not the "over the counter" stuff), and/or may spray a little Afrin decongestant in my ears (not the nose as you would normally). The Afrin in the ears trick helps very quickly, and was something that a Harbor Patrol diver told me about quite a few years ago. Of course, those are not approved uses for either medication, use at your own risk, I am not medically certified to give you advice, etc. etc.
  13. My setup is the same as tursiops, except that I have a different macro diopter. It gives me a lot of flexibility, and isn't too hard to switch over.
  14. Free diving alone, without the added complexity of trying to take photos, sounds like a lot of work to me.
  15. I'm with Adam - spit. I have never found anything better anyway.
  16. Wow, what a wonderful experience that must have been. That is a "bucket list" trip for me. Thanks for the images.
  17. I think that Interceptor121 has identified the real problem here. The OP seems to think that the ready light means "full charge" whereas, in fact, it simply means that the flash is able (ready) to fire again.
  18. I've never been to Nassau, so I can't comment on that. However, there are a variety of dive operators near the docks where the cruise ships come in in Cozumel. Lots of good sites close by. Be aware that most of the diving in Cozumel are drift dives, which have their pluses and minuses. They are very easy dives, as long as you aren't trying to stop and take photos, then it becomes a bit more work to stay steady. I stayed at a resort down the coast, so I am afraid that I can't offer any advice regarding specific dive operations (also, my sister-in-law handled all the dive coordination). Have fun, the water is generally extremely clear there with great vis.
  19. Ahhhh, OK now that makes sense. Yes, without that little piece, it would be much more difficult to remove the lens with the collar on. I can imagine your frustration finding that out after the fact! I also hope that you still have it stashed away somewhere.
  20. It is the one that comes with the buoyancy collar, to make it easier to pull the release tab. You can see it in this photo: https://www.nauticam.com/products/buoyancy-collar-for-wwl-1
  21. Sorry, but I am using a GH-5 in a Nauticam housing. Frankly, I wish that I had long thin fingers - it would make playing my bass much easier, but in fact, I actually have fairly small hands. I did the the extension for the bayonet release that Nauticam sells, which does help a bit.
  22. I disagree. I have the bayonet mounts on my arms and the buoyancy collar fitted to to my WWl-1 and have no problems at all fitting or removing it underwater. I will do that multiple times on a single dive pretty much every time I get in the water with it. I'm not really sure why you think that it is "impossible".
  23. I know nothing about Pacific fishes, but I wonder if this might be a juvenile something or other. Many times juveniles have very different coloration than their adult forms.
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