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  1. I just got a set of white fins to use for that. As a plus, it is easy for my wife to recognize me with a quick glance.
  2. FWIW, I do exclusively video, but occasionally try to grab a frame for a still but am never very happy with the results. They are good enough for the label on DVDs, but that's about it. Maybe someone else can give you tips for better results.
  3. Congratulations on your retirement, to quote a friend "I highly recommend it" That said, thank you for all your contributions here. You have enriched my experience here, and I am sure that of many others as well. Safe travels, and enjoy your new experiences.
  4. FWIW, when I had mine before I sold it, I used a bayonet mount and regularly swapped the WWL-1 and a close up diopter depending on what I was shooting. I had a spare bayonet mount on one of my arms and parked it there when I wasn't using it. That said, I wasn't juggling a scooter and deco tanks, etc, so it was a lot easier for me. I just found that the WWL-1 was mostly parked on the arm, and I was switching the close up diopter on and off, so I ended up selling the WWL-1. It was too bulky to carry around for the very few times that I used it.
  5. I am not generally a fan of over/unders or split shots, but I do like the Musky one. These are well done, though
  6. I had a battery go bad on a Sola light as well, and the light was so old, they would not service it. So, like you, I took it apart. I figured that I couldn't make it any worse. I appears to be two 1850 cells with some electronics on top. As far as I can tell, the two red and two black wires are simply in parallel, possibly to carry more current, I guess. I hope that helps. If you find a source, please post it, and I will be buying some, too.
  7. I would love to hear an interview with dreifish if he is available
  8. I have no particular insight, but I can certainly see a model where we will have to get annual or biannual booster shots to account for new variants in the future, similar to the flu shots we get now. I don't think that SARS-CoV2 is going away any time soon. I suspect that we will be living with it for the foreseeable future.
  9. Great stuff, thanks. I am using a bit higher grade camera, but some of your ideas and thoughts are still very helpful. I am interested to follow this discussion and see where it will lead.
  10. FWIW, I do exclusively video, partly because I dive with some very, very good underwater photographers, so I would like to bring something different to the table, and also because I really enjoy the movement and behavior aspect of video. It is very challenging and I am not all that good it, but I keep trying and maybe someday will feel proud enough to share some of it here. This is an interesting discussion, and I appreciate your bringing this topic to the forefront.
  11. Can't help with your questions, but just want to say that I am jealous. Saba is on my list of places to dive someday. Have fun, and stay safe
  12. I was at CoCo View resort, and was there for a week. This was either our 12th or 13th trip there, I forget which.
  13. Yes, I understand that, thanks. But, it is good to have that second shot before we leave.
  14. I got my second dose today, and I am leaving for Roatan on Saturday. The timing has all worked out well for me.
  15. I'm sorry that you are stuck in St. Louis. I lived there for five years, so I can say that ;-} FWIW, I am leaving for Roatan on Saturday for a week of diving at CoCo View Resort. I can't wait.
  16. Lots of good advice above. I dive a vulcanized rubber drysuit, mostly because it is much easier to decontaminate after getting in mucky water, but they are generally more expensive than the trilam or neoprene drysuits discussed above, and also tend to be a bit stiffer and impede your swimming to a small degree. Although I always wear dry gloves with that drysuit, I generally don't bother with the glove liners, since my hands don't tend to get too cold if my core is warm. Very good advice above on maintenance, and seal replacement. If you are using latex seals, they require care and still need periodic replacement.
  17. I would love to get a chance to see them someday. Thanks for the wonderful film.
  18. Yes, our local Wegman's recently had lionfish i n the seafood section, also. I was very encouraged to see that.
  19. I have used both flip adapters and bayonet mounts. My WWL-1 was on a bayonet mount, so my macro diopter also had to be on a bayonet mount. Previously, on my old system, I had the macro diopter on a flip mount. As soon as I sold the WWL-1, I bought a dual flip mount for my (now) two macro diopters. While the bayonet mount does work well, I was constantly worried about dropping one or the other of these expensive lenses while changing them. The flip mount eliminates that worry. You do need to be careful about positioning so that it doesn't interfere with your lights, or setting up your photo but it does give me peace of mind and one less thing to worry about while task loading with everything else connected to underwater videography. Just my opinion.
  20. I don't like fisheyes, so that would not be my recommendation. I was using a 14 - 42 plus a WWL-1 on a micro-4/3 camera and found that I didn't really need or want the WWL-1, so I took it off. Most of my video was probably in the 25 - 35 mm range. For whatever that's worth.
  21. For video, I use Pinnacle Studio Ultimate. I know that it isn't all that popular here, but it works well for me.
  22. Nice work, you got some good footage there. Someday, I would love to see that, too.
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