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    Im interested in others answer to this question as well I shoot a epl1 and looking at doing a carolina shark trip. So far it looks like the way to go is the panasonic 8mm with the zen port or the olympus 9-18 with zen port. Oly is a little cheaper but from pics Ive seen both look like the best/only option at the moment. Hoping others will chime in though.
  2. Thanks Tim for the reply, the goldfish were very skittish and not very happy with a diver nearby. The water being 39 and in a wetsuit made me hurry up more then I wouldve liked to. Pic was shot with natural light, and I agree with everything you have suggested and cant wait to get back into the lake to try again with some new gear and a strobe.
  3. How can I make this one better, its probably the best Ive done in my first year of taking pics. I use a canon sd600 with canon uw case. Other then upgrading any gear of course. Cropped a little as well.
  4. Hello, Im new to the whole photography thing but thoroughly enjoying it. I bought my first and only UW camera cheap as just a memory saver basically and now looking at getting better at doing it.
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