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  1. Hi i have been to Andamans for the last 4 years consecutively, i love the place 1. Long Island - very quiet no cars only motorbikes and cycles / Hutbay (Little Andamans) nice beaches as well but connectivity only from Port Blair for both locations 2. there is bleaching due to the water temperature increase 2 years ago 3. there are a few but i suggest Andaman Bubbles because i have dived with them for the last 2 years, i did my open water with Dive India 3 years ago and dived with Barefoot also but i still suggest Andaman Bubbles 4. Wild Orchid / Seashells / Symphony Palms / Munjoh / Silver Sands 5. Havelock is more happening than Neil, so if you want peace and quiet then more on Neil and less on Havelock and vice versa hope this helps
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