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  1. pKai

    SeaCam SuperDome

    Lowering price to US$1,100 including FedEx insured shipping anywhere in the lower 48 United States.... Or best offer!
  2. Still looking? Have a SuperDome listed.....
  3. pKai

    SeaCam SuperDome

    Couple of images made with this dome and Canon 16-35 f2.8L II
  4. pKai

    SeaCam SuperDome

    Here are a few pics... Tried to capture the little scratches, but they are too small......
  5. Seacam Superdome. Good condition. Small scratch on glass (about 3cm) that I have never seen in thousands of pictures. Includes neoprene cover and back cover. One sunshade petal is brand new, the other shows signs of use but is in excellent shape. No cracks, dings, dents anywhere. Original Seacam box included as well. Asking $1200 or best offer. These go for close $2,000 new... Price is plus PayPal fees (or gift) and plus shipping. I will only ship via FedEx fully insured for full purchase price. This includes international. No exceptions. I charge actual shipping cost and do not profit from this so if you want to know, PM me your location.
  6. Thanks.... was the anti-reflection coating on the glass done by SeaCam or someone else? If the latter, who?
  7. Please PM me your location and number so we can discuss... very interested.
  8. Hello there.... interested... Please send pics!
  9. I am interested in the S45 viewfinder if/when you decide to piece it out. Email me direct at ej AT ejmorales.com as I don't check PM here that often.... I'm local.
  10. How well/tight do these tighten up without o-rings? Also, do the floats come off the arms?
  11. Price cut! $500 for the pair including shipping within the continental US!
  12. I have a nice pair of Sea & Sea YS-110a strobes for sale. The good: They have never flooded and are in perfect working order and religiously fresh-water rinsed after every dive. They have been professionally serviced annually to include o-ring replacement. Last time was in Oct 2014, so all o-rings are practically new. All knobs and switches work as intended and the diffusers seat positively and do not come off. The bad: Cosmetically there are numerous scratches on the outside of both units. Nothing is broken or cracked, just surface scratches. The "business end" is pristine.. i.e. there are NO scratches or blemishes on the front of the unit where the tubes are. Included: 1. Ball mounts with cross-bolts 2. Diffusers with lanyard. 3. Tube of o-ring grease Price: $300 each or $550 for the pair net to me. I would prefer to sell them together. Reasonable offers welcome! I also have a pair of Sea & Sea optical synch cables in like-new condition for $25 each. Terms: Payment is accepted via money order or cashier's check. PayPal is also accepted from US and Canadian buyers ONLY with a confirmed address which is the only address I will ship to. Please add 4% to any PayPal payment to cover their fee. I will ship immediately once funds clear. Shipping and insurance is INCLUDED within the continental US or charged at actual rate for international buyers . I only use FedEx. Please don't ask for any other carrier.. specially not USPS.
  13. Please PM me if you have such an animal......... Thanks!
  14. LOL.... Both.... but yes, the air temp in the 40s cut like razor blades when we came out....
  15. Yea, Chris... nice shot...... and I look forward to your thoughts on that lens..... I remember freezing my arse off that weekend! If I'm seen diving with a hood, the water is freezing.... LOL...
  16. I too am interested in this lens from an IQ perspective. I'm happy with the 2.8 II version, but if this is significantly better, I may be interested. That said, dome requirements won't change from one to the other. The 9-ish inch domes will still be optimal since this is something that has more to do with the FL at the wide end than it does with the max F-stop. Dimension-wise, these two are pretty similar; the F4 is a bit skinnier but about the same length, so port extensions may even be the same. I can't wait for someone to do a comparison review underwater...... I'm certainly not spending money until then.... although from the topside reviews I've read, if I had neither lens today, I would get the F4 version..... Unless one absolutely needs 2.8 (topside), I believe the IS and lower price makes the F4 the better choice.
  17. pKai

    Screen Name

    Any way to change this without creating a new account? I want to match other photo sites I participate in..... Thanks!
  18. I used successfully with the 14-42 kit lens that came with my PL-2 --- I don't see how it would be any different on a PL-1
  19. Still available..... Make an offer and it may be yours!
  20. This dome will fit any Olympus PEN E-PLx housing as well as I believe the OM-D series. It is designed for the Panasonic 7-14 F4 and will also work with the Olympus 14-42 and perhaps others as well. Personally, I used it with the 7-14 and 14-42 on an E-PL2. This dome/lens combination makes pretty stunning images. The rest of that kit has since been sold in favor of full frame. This dome is the only item left. Glass and O-rings are pristine. Metal has some very minor handling marks. Included is ORIGINAL ZEN BOX, new unused spare O-ring set, front and back covers, and lube. PM for further details. Reef Photo sells this new for $499 plus shipping and tax. Spare O-rings are another $15. You can have it all for $399 delivered via insured FedEx to your US mainland door. International buyer will pay actual shipping.
  21. My .02... If I were a Nikon shooter and were looking to upgrade from something lesser, the D600 would not even get a first glance, much less a second. Sorry. Yes, the D800 is $1,000 more, but by the time you factor in the housing you need to buy for either, etc, the difference is not that much for what you get unless D600 housings are considerably cheaper. I suspect the same will be said on the Canon side with the 6D vs 5D3 when the 6D is released.
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