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  1. I recently took delivery of a couple of Sola 2000 lights and gave them their first workout over the Easter long weekend at the local shore dives in Nelson Bay. Overall I'm very happy with them - they are quite an improvement on the Inon 500 lumen lights I was using. Here is a clip their first outing. EDIT Fixed it up for you. Wagsy
  2. Kelly I've had some success using the Fast Colour Correcter. First thing I do is use the White balance eye-dropper to select something white in the picture and the fine tune it on the colour wheel. The input/output sliders for the blacks and highlights is also useful. I can't find the links just now (I think they might be on the Adobe website) but I found the Lynda tutorials useful. Haven't found anything myself but something specific to underwater use would be really useful. Chhers Steve
  3. Thanks for your help Tom - I think I've got worked out now - looks like I was using the wrong program in the handle. Cheers Steve
  4. Thanks Tom but when I do this the macro stops at the set white balance screen and doesn't proceed any further. I then have to press ENTER to set the white balance then ARROW to X and press ENTER to return. Unfortunately on alternate attempts it does not return to the main screen so you have to repeat the process to get back to the main screen. It's actually quicker to just do it via the menus and you only need one hand leaving the other free to position the white card. I'm begining to think that I may have an icorrectly programmed handle.
  5. I too have a Bluefin Pro with Canon HFG10 but I'm having a lot of trouble trying to get the one-touch white balance to work properly. Any tips?
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