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  1. Just a quick update, only the 6" dome (the 5503.15), and the two arms in the last picture are still available. Everything else has been taken. Thanks!
  2. Picture of the 6" dome and the ike arms. The 6" is the "SUPER-WIDE 6" DOME PORT" For lenses with a 110 to 170 degrees angle of coverage. This port does not allow use of a port shade. #5503.15 Lens less than 2.5" (6.30cm) Will ship worldwide if you cover shipping. Email me at studio.restless@gmail.com for faster replies. Thanks!
  3. Everything's reserved except for the 6" dome, will do $75 for a quick sale. I also have a pair of Ikelite Strobe arms that I'll clear at $45 (for both). Will put pictures up on the weekend.. Thanks!
  4. Seems like my previous reply didn't go through, updating again. 8" dome and 60 macro port are reserved. Dropping prices of strobe system after some research. Take both strobes (includes flexi arms, fast charger and spare battery for the DS 125 - as in the photo) and the dual sync cord for $700 Otherwise, individually I'm pricing it as such: Ike DS125 w/ battery, flexi arm, fast charger and spare battery for $500 Ike DS50 for $250 (with flexi arm) Ike dual sync cord $50 I'll send worldwide if you cover shipping, drop me a line at studio.restless@gmail.com for faster replies. Thanks!
  5. Hi everyone, I have a couple of ports for sale: Ike 6" dome port w neo cover $100 Ike 8" dome w/ cover and base $150 Ike 60 Macro port 5503.5 $100 As well as a strobe system: Ike DS125 w/ battery, fast charger and spare battery $750 Ike DS50 $300 (with spare diffusion covers for this) Ike dual sync cord $50 Take both strobes for $1000 and I'll throw in the dual sync cord. Please email me at studio.restless@gmail.com to deal. Thanks for viewing!
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