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  1. I had a similar experience when I started using my drysuit. The drysuit course was in freshwater and went well but I didn't have many undergarments on. Diving in salt water (Queensland, AU) it was extremely difficult - floaty feet, head down which was very frustrating. I had to readjust my weight and started using a weight belt (rubber type) in addition to my intergrated weights (Wing BC). As I dove more it became much more comfortable, but it took around 6 dives to get to that point. I was also able to drop some weight as the number of dives increased. Currently using 24 Lb but still feel like I could drop some weight (~25 dives). I only need 14 lb with a 5mm suit so this was considerably more weight than I was used to.


    I use my BC for buoyancy and only add enough air to releve the suit squeeze. I realize this is an old post but I couldn't find any help when I was having difficulty, so hopefully this can help someone else.

  2. I take it all with me and have got it down to 5.5 kg in my carry on luggage and 6.5kg in my jacket, due to the number of pockets added by both the manufacturer and myself :lol:




    I always carry a great big smile and am ubber polite with the staff and so far, touch wood...............


    Agree that goes a long way when dealing with the staff. Have a look at http://www.scottevest.com/ I use their Tropical jacket vest and it has a lot of pockets which work well for the old "stuff it in you jacket trick". Their items are well made and work wonders on the Cary on issues.

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