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    I am an avid sailor and have recently taken up scuba diving and underwater photography (the latter two are why I ended up in this forum); I also fly gliders and practice Aikido.

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  1. Although I've been a member of this forum for a while, I've remained a lurker and haven't done as much underwater photography as I'd hoped, although I'm a live-aboard sailor most of the time and have a compressor aboard which allows me to dive where and when (and as often) as I'd like. I just uploaded my first attempt at editing video, mixed with some stills, from my collection of clips. This video was taken over several dives at the sunken Tugboat at Île Tintamarre off St. Martin in the Caribbean. The dive is only 50-60 feet in waters with little current. It sits upright in sand just off the coral reefs and collects a lot of fish. Click on the picture to go to the YouTube link
  2. Hello forum, I thought it would be polite to introduce myself before banging away at the keyboard with questions I am new to digital SLR photography, although I did a lot of photography with the old film cameras and developed my own negatives and prints (in black and white, I couldn't afford color) in years gone by. I was absolutely stunned at what a true digital SLR can produce and have now branched out into underwater photography. I live aboard a sailboat (see SV-Zanshin) and have installed a Bauer Junior II dive compressor so that I can fill up my own 2 high-pressure tanks at any time and location and am no longer dependant upon dive operators for tank fills and/or rentals; some locations don't fill tanks but require that you use the dive shop to go on dives and that can become rather expensive over time. I have the following gear: Nikon D7000 Ikelite underwater housing with tray for flash Nikkor 35mm 1:1.8 lens with x2 and x4 diopters and the appropriate dome port Nikkor 10-24mm 1:3.5-4.5G lens with x2 diopter Ikelite DS160 flash Photoshop Elements 10 (which I consider an essential piece of gear, although I barely know the basic controls) In the past two weeks I've been doing a lot of shallow-water diving in St. Martin and St. Barths while I've been waiting for my boat's paperwork to finally arrive and have posted a lot of pictures, ranging in quality from barely acceptable to pretty nice on my blog pages at February blog calendar overview, if anyone is interested just go to that page and any day with an underwater thumbnail will have a number of underwater pictures. Looking back at the dives and the scenery I know that, if I only could use my equipment better, I could have had some absolutely stunning images to take back with me and am looking forward to getting the assistance and depth of knowledge in this forum to make the best with what I have.
  3. Greetings from the Caribbean! I have looked into this forum in the past but have finally started taking my own underwater pictures, the thumbnail below was taken the day before yesterday at Ile Fourchue off St. Barths in the Caribbean; if you click on the link it will take you to my blog calendar and any day with an underwater themed thumbnail will contain dive photos. Bear with me, I'm still learning the appropriate dive technique and will use this forum and its members to learn how to use the equipment at my disposal (Ikelite housing for D7000 and DS160 strobe with a 35mm and 10-24 zoom lens with diopters for macro) to its fullest extent.
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