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  1. Nikon F3 in an Ikelite housing, used it until 2009.
  2. I use Affinity Photo on my iMac and iPad. (There are Windows versions.) I switched from Photoshop about 18 months ago to have the iPad based resource
  3. I have been using the Backscatter basic version since it came out. Manual pump and no LED or alarm. Very satisfied with it.
  4. All I've been able to do is guess at an ID for this one... Anyone have an idea?
  5. I have my housing and strobes in a roll on camera bag which I place in the overhead. This includes an Aquatica housing, 8 inch dome, macro port, a pair of Ike D-161's, arms and cables. The bag is a discontinued Akona, but there are similar bags on the market. I have checked this bag on return flights andd it usually gets a TSA inspection slip in the bag. The camera and lenses go into a camera shoulder bag that stows under the seat. The Aquatica viewfinder also goes in the camera bag as I found out quickly that it is to fragile for checked luggage.
  6. As a retired IT guy I would recommend buying a spare drive for a RAID 5 array. When a drive fails a few years down the road locating an identical replacement can be a problem. If a spare is on the shelf it is a quick and painless fix.
  7. I still love my late 2015 27 inch iMac. Far better OS and software than anything experienced on the Windows side. I use and iPad awat from home and you just can't beat the combination.
  8. I'm using a Zeagle Ranger with a small wing. The stock is way more lift than I needed.
  9. I just got a notice saying I should receive it on August 27. The day before I leave on a dive trip.
  10. I just move the strobes forward a few inches to balance the rig with the dome.
  11. I use a padded strap with clips that came with an old bag. Clip it to the handle I made to carry the rig in and out of the water. Sounds a lot like what you have done except with padding.
  12. I pre-ordered through Amazon and their website appears to say it won't be available until October 1, 2016.
  13. I use a Tamrac shoulder bag for my DSLR, three lenses for underwater (12-24, 60 and 105 micros) , one 85-400 telephoto topside and the Aquatica eyepiece. My iPad got in this bag as well. This weighs in at about 15 pounds. This goes under the seat in front of me. I use an Akona roll on camera bag (no longer sold) for my Aquatica housing, 8 inch dome port, macro port, two DS-161 strobes, extensions, strobe arms, carry handle, sherpa strap, chargers, vacuum pump, assembly tools, and assorted small items. This is 38 pounds and goes in the overhead. I do admit to checking this on the return flight. The only problem experienced was learning how fragile an Aquatica eyepiece is and how expensive it is to repair, it is now in the carryon with lenses. I have had no problem carrying the roller on with Delta and US Air. With a small plane like a Twin Otter in the islands it has to be checked. Regulators and masks with corrective lenses go in my wife's carry on. Lugging this through airports can be trying. The best advice I can offer is buy no luggage without wheels or the ability to mount to the handle of a roller.
  14. A 100/105mm macro lens is great for a full frame sensor. Because of the reduced field of view with a smaller sensor a shorter lens may be preferred.
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