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  1. A behavior change.... Before when I used the back button after reading an entry the entry was marked as read. Now I have to refresh the page. A very small nit.
  2. Possible cable problem. If you don't have a spare cable to try, on the Ikelite web site you can find a diagram of the two connectors to short together to cause the strobe to fire. As the notes with the diagram it say to be careful and only short the specified connectors. Cables are consumables. They flood, they crimp and break internally, and have a host of other failure modes. You should always carry a spare on a trip.
  3. I have always tried to remember to pull the o-rings that are not mounted into a groove when storing at home. If I do not want to remove the o-ring, I leave that section open. I reassemble before the trip, putting dry o-rings on the ports and exyensions. I do consider a dry o-ring better than none if I miss them assembling the camera. Since the ports are off the housing in the travel case I do not worry about pressure causing a seal I can't break. About every two years I replace all of the o-rings. When on a trip I only open the housing when necessary. When I do open the housing I grease the rings and reassemble the night before when I have time to do it carefully. I've never had a o-ring failure. Ten years with Ikeite and Aquatica housings.
  4. If you are only diving every two years renting may be worth investigating. And the D70 still should still take good photos.
  5. A diopter usually reduces the working distance, so if you are interested in using a diopter you would want the longer focal length.
  6. Hi! Thought I'd start spending some time here. But I seem to be having a problem registering... The configrmation e-mail links send me to the forum page but do not seem to have any effect. I can't start a thread or edit my profile from the forum. (I can from the main page.) The instructions say contact an administrator, but there is not an easily located link for that. ADDED: It seems leaving a introduction worked wonders. Perhaps that should be in the confirmation e-mail. I'm using a D90 in an Aquatica housing with a pair of Ikelite DS-161's. Our next trip will be to Little Cayman in May, our first time there. I started shooting underwater in 2002 with a Reefmaster and quickly switched to F3 which I used until going digital in 2009 .
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