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  1. This package is sold. If anything changes I will let you know.
  2. I just can not justify owning such a spectacular UW photo package and not using it. Somehow I just don't have time for diving or UW photography so... Hoping to sell this gear as a package as much as possible. All of it was bought Feb 1, 2012 and there is less than 20 dives on the whole system. There are some very faint scratches on the outside on the dome port but they don't show up in pictures. Seriously, are there any plexiglass dome ports out there without slight scratches??? Here is what I have for sale: -Aquatica 5dmk2 Housing with dual Bulkheads & Aquaview - That's right - WITH AQUAVIEW!!! -8" Dome Shade -8" Acrylic Dome -Neoprene Cover for 8" Dome with Shade -Manual Focus Extension Ring (focus gear included) -Zoom Gear for EF16-35L -Extension to Port Lock -Sea & Sea YS110a Strobes -Sea & Sea Nikonos Style Sync Cord -ULCS New Style Clamps -ULCS 8" Double Ball Arms -TLC Ball Head Adapter for S&S Strobes -iTorch Video Pro 4 Video/Focus Light -1" Ball to Flat Plate -ULCS Long Style Clamp for Video Light -Ball with 1⁄4-20 Stud for mounting to housing -Protective Body Cap for Aquatica Housing -Protective Body Cap for Aquatica Housing -Rear Port Cover for Aquatica Housing -Maintenance Kit for Aquatica 5dmk2 Housing I originally paid $8,057.38 CAD plus tax for this package. Asking price - $5,500.00 CAD. This equipment is all located in Ontario Canada. Buyer pays shipping (and duty if required). Contact me with any questions you might have. Here are some pictures: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tomcomet/sets/72157631892004279/ Tom
  3. Hello. New to wetpixel. Been shooting UW photo and video since my first dives just over three years ago. Recently stepped up to the big leagues though as I took the plunge and bought a housing (Aquatica) and strobes (Sea & Sea YS 110A) for my 5D MKII. Just back from my first trip with the new rig to Roatan and loving it. Saturday I'll be taking it under the ice so I will see if I can work all the controls with dry gloves. I'm loving it! TC
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