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  1. hi tim! yes I also emailed kendo and token. they seem to have fusion. neither bother to reply. I might buy a dox and try it ... thank and best regards Laura
  2. thank you robin! maybe it is the version I have in fact. even though it seems to work for certain people. I am still waiting for a reply from kenko as well. maybe they can tell me more, too.
  3. Hi guys! having a technical issue with this combination on Nikon D500. When using the Kenko TC with a different lens on this camera it will work fin. When using the Tokina on the D500 it will work fine. But the combination won't work. it says F0 and neither aperture nor autofocus can be used. I thought this is a combination which is used frequently so I must be doing something wrong. I tried different options like turning the camera on and the mounting tc first and then the tokina. Mounting tc and then turn on camera and so on. Putting them together, mounting them and only then turn the camera on or mounting the combo with camera turned on... No way to make it work. Happy for any suggestions
  4. Hi i have as technical question concerning NA-D500 and D500 triggering Inon z240 flashes. I just bought a second hand NA-D500 housing for my Nikon D500 I realize I I want to use the fast sync mode (250fp*) I have a shadow on the lower half of the image from the curtain. I used the z240 with D7000 and D800 without problems using 1/320 SHUTTER SPEED. Now I use the optical led trigger system without the optional TTL converter. The camera triggers the flash so far no problem. But somehow the camera does not realize that a flash is connected and I cannot use the fastest sync mode. so the shortest shutter I can use is 1/250. If I use 1/320 (250fp*) the curtain is making a shadow in the image. Also when using the internal flash in D7000 for example. the shutter speed is automatically limited to 1/320. Now I can accidentally put on a faster shutter speed as the camera does not notice I use a flash. Is there any way to make the camera realize a flash is used and thereby use 250FP*? Also how can I assure that the internal output of the flash trigger of the cameras at a minimum in order to save battery? Thanxx ++ in advance for suggestions
  5. Hi selling my camera and housing as I and I moved to full frame don't use it anymore. Housing never flooded and is functional but some buttons are quite hard to press and housing needs a service definitely. if interested i am selling my nauticam 4'33 dome for tokina as well. Please make offers.
  6. Selling my Ikelite DS 161 including smart-charger and Ikelite Dual Sync Cord. Strobe is in en excellent condition. It is one year old but has been on one dive holiday only. Cord has never seen the water. Strobe is selling for 750 Euro and Cord for 100 Euro. Both together for 800 Euro shipping included.
  7. Hi! is your housing still for sale? does it still have guarantee? how about 2800 Euro ?
  8. I am selling a brandnew Ikelite Dual Sync Cord for connecting of an Ikelite Housing to two Ikelite Strobes. The cord has been bought in march at UNTERWASSERKAMERA.AT, unpacked but never used. Shipping with bill and warranty-card. Price was 145 Euros. Selling for 100 Euros or best.
  9. Hi! i have a d7000 in nautcam housing and i want to switch from ikelite to inon strobes. i got a pretty new z240 type 4 ans i need a second strobe. buying two new strobes is a little expensive i have a good offer for an older inon d2000 (type 2 or 3). can you use these in combination with the new z240? or will this cause any problems?? please tell me about your experience. thanx a lot zancudo
  10. looking for a pair used inon z-240 strobes! please contact me if you want so sell one...
  11. Hi! selling mi Ikelite Modular Flatportsystem compatible with alle newer Ikelite DSLR housings. I used on my Ikelite D700 housing together with the 105 Micro Nikkor. It has been used only once as I finally sold my camera and housing. Price for all together was ca. 520 Euro. I'd take 350 Euro equipement is sold together with original packaging. Front glass of the port is in a perfect state. There are just some superficial scratches on the plastic Flatport assembly. Portbody and Focus extension are virtually new. Regards
  12. Stop. Sold! Please remove!
  13. Stop! please remove. sold my camera. thanx
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