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  1. I'm a newcomer to digital u/w and have bought a ds 50/cannon g-2 setup. An aiming light definitely helps, but I do not like the attachment that Ikelite has for it's mini c light. The light is way too big and cumbersome for an aiming light. The dilemma is that most or all of the really small uw lights do not use a flip type switch. I'm going to experiment with attaching a small (aa batt size) aiming light to the strobe. Let me know if you find a solution that works for you.
  2. I (together with some friends from Mexico) are also putting together a trip to the La Paz/Cabo Pulmo area for early Oct. I'd appreciate a trip report with any recommendations. Thanks. Also, if you like Mexico/Baja diving you should check out the San Carlos area; its an easy half day drive from Tucson and has some nice diving during the warm water season.
  3. Thanks for the thoughtful replies. I was looking at a pointer with an easy to use on/off switch so you could aim the strobe then turn off the pointer. I am concerned however about possible harm from the laser light and will probably avoid a pointer for now. The point about an aiming light helping autofocus was also good; I've already noticed a problem focusing in low light.
  4. Has anyone tried using an u/w laser pointer for strobe aiming. I'm new to u/w digital and wonder if an aiming light will affect the exposure or will the ttl compensate for the aiming light.
  5. I'm sure I'm not the only aging babyboomer out there who has trouble seeing the LCD details on his/her digital cam underwater. I've thought about some bi-focal type mask that would let me see the LCD more clearly yet not impair distance vision. Any good tips out there. I'm new to digital u/w and have just bought a Cannon G2 with Ike housing and DS 50 strobe. Thanks.
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