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  1. Thanks for the responses. Any advice for disassembly? I don't want to accidentally break something from not knowing what I'm doing the first time.
  2. After much searching through Google and on this forum I have finally broken down to ask for advice/help. I have a Subtronic Alpha strobe that I love and has always worked great. I recently took it out of storage and went to charge it and I get the Full Green light and the Red Charge light. When I try to test it it acts as though the battery is dead. Any thoughts on this? I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'm doing something wrong here and I won't have to send it in, but I won't hold my breath. Also if anyone has a manual in English they could help me out with that would be great as well. Thanks.
  3. Alan Cale for Illinois. I've been diving for 8 years. I'm a certified Divemaster working on my Instructor certification. Also working on improving my U/W photography.
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