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  1. Are you still selling this lens or has it been sold? If so, lease mark it as such and please have the courtesy of responding to people's PMs.
  2. I once pondered that very same question and initially was gonna go with DS161. In the end, I went with 2 DS125s and 2 Laluz optics L1000 for video lights (http://www.laluzoptics.com/L1000.html). The latter puts out 1000 lumens with 100 degree beam and can also be used as a focus light. Laluz optics just came out with a 5000 lumens video light (the size of a coke can).
  3. Scubatx, I'll take half the lot. I also sent you an email. Enrique
  4. Nice, seller went AWOL!! Next time, don't post for sale items on this forum, if you don't respond to a buyer's private message or post. I'll take my $125 elsewhere!
  5. Lionfish, Would you be willing to sell just one of the batteries? Also, how old are they and how many times have you used them? Thanks. Enrique
  6. Hi, I'm selling 2 Ikelite sync cords (#4103.51) for $50/each. Buyer pays for shipping. Thanks. Enrique
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