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  1. My YS-D2 burst its bulb in during a trip last September, right after the warranty was up. Backscatter did some testing and it turns out something was wrong with the strobe's system where it was dumping full output into the bulb, so a replacing the bulb would just eventually end up bursting again. Backscatter is pushing Sea & Sea to do a replacement because they've had a number of other customers with D2s that have failed right after warranty. Between this and my bad experience with 2 D1s, I'm really disappointed with Sea & Sea right now.
  2. Your video got taken down, at least for viewing in the U.S.
  3. I've shot with both the 9-18mm and the Panasonic 8mm fisheye and I thought the fisheye took WAY better photos. Even though the 9-18 isn't a cheap lens, I've always thought the photos I got from it looked flat and not much better than what I've gotten from the 14-42 kit lenses. The fisheye lens though, the photos using that are sharp and the color pop really nicely. AND the lens port for the fisheye is a lot cheaper than the dome for the 9-18. I've just replaced the Pana fisheye with the Oly fisheye so I'm looking forward to the results when I go to Indonesia next month.
  4. For sale is the Panasonic 8mm Fisheye. Lens is in excellent condition. No damage, no scratches. Just looking to update to the Oly fisheye. Asking $450 for this lens, which is a good asking price from what I've seen online. This does not include shipping, which will be determined by shipping address. U.S. buyers only please.
  5. I'm considering both the Oly 8mm fisheye and the Oly 7-14mm. I'm considering one or both. If I went with just one, which one would people recommend over the other?
  6. I dove with the -D2s for the first time this weekend and I thought the faster cycle time definitely made a difference for my own impatience of trying to take another photo as soon as possible, where the D1s wouldn't exactly be ready but the D2s were. They also have some minor body and diffuser improvement, I personally don't care about the different knobs, the ready light is easier to see. The audio indicator doesn't appear to be working as advertised. I only hear the audio indicator when I first turn the strobes on. So far there is no audio indicator when the strobe is ready to shoot again. In fact, the manual makes no mention of the audio feature.
  7. I was using the 12-50mm, and they're not cropped. I'm just trying to see how people have been able to get better results in these types of conditions. What would be some good settings to try, strobe positions if using them, etc.
  8. Macro isn't much of an issue. I shoot those all the time. I'm trying to get the hang of more wide, dynamic shots.
  9. I think he was shooting with a wider angle lens than I was, but not a fish eye. He hasn't put his photos online yet to compare results. but we were shooting at similar distances. He definitely has more experience than I do, and I'm still trying to figure out how to capture certain subjects.
  10. I think these are the best examples of what I'm talking about. I shot these with A, f4 ISO 800, 1/400
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