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  1. I'm selling 2 Ikelite 161 strobes. They are in fantastic condition. Probably used about 15 times. I will let them go for $1400. I will also include the charger ($100) free which is normall sold seperatly.
  2. Hi there. How much for the housing alone. I don't need the camera. Cheers
  3. Hey Steve. I have some jumbo floats if your still interested. Cheers. $15 for the 4 + cost of shipping
  4. Hi all. I,m selling 2 ikelite 161 strobes plus a few other items. All the gear is in top condition with very little use on all of it. Need to sell as i,ve a neborn baby coming any moment now so wont be diving for a while. Here,s a list of the items with the original cost price and my discount price. I,ve already sold the housing, dome ports, flat ports and the buyers were very happy as you can see from the photos. like new 2 ikelite 161 strobes + diffusers. cost $1900. discount $1500 smart charger cost = $110 discount =$70 ikelite strobe arms + stix floats cost = $355 discount =$250. ikelite dual sync cord for strobes and housing cost = $160. discount = $120. cheers guys. if interested let me know
  5. do they even keep a charge being over 2 yrs old
  6. hi rohan. I have the port body 5510.11 if you still need it. it cost me $125 + shipping. I,ll let it go for $85 plus shipping cheers paul.
  7. hi all. Im selling both of my ikelite 161 movie strobes. in like new condition with diffusers and 1 smart charger. They retail from $950-$1100 new. I will let them go for $1500 including the smart charger that usually costs $100
  8. Hi there None of the lenses are for sale, sorry for the confusion. the glass modular flat port and port body $300 plus shipping ikelite pro 2800 video light with flex arm and charger $725 ikelite strobe arms 240 strobe sync cord $110 floats for the arms will throw in for free, Stix floats cost $35.
  9. HI everyone. I am selling my ikelite 7D housing and complete package to get your canon 7D shooting underwater. This equipment is about 2 years old and has around 30 dives on it. This equipment is in like new condition and and has been treated with the utmost respect. There are no dings, dents or scratches on the housing, the dome port, or the macro port. I use the 8" dome port and port body with a Tokina 10-17mm fisheye lens but this port is compatible with many other lenses I use the glass modular flat port and port body with canon 100mm macro lens but as it states its modular which can be used with many other lenses when you change the port body. Im also selling an ikelite pro 2800 video light with flex arm and charger which is amazing. its crazy bright underwater. Im also selling ikelite strobe arms and strobe sync cord which simply connect to the housing tray arms that carry the strobes. i have floats for the arms that make the whole set up more buoyant in the water. if someone is interested in this equipment i will take the time to list all the product numbers and original purchase prices and the new discounted prices along with nice clear photos for you to look at. I have all paper work, accessories, o-rings and spare parts that are original to the housing. get in touch with me if your interested. regards paul.
  10. hi there. I recently went through the same ordeal. I just could not make a decision on which camera to buy. I eventually bought the canon 7d and im completely satisfied. for me the reason was better video capabilities
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