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  1. Lovely pictures! Was it logistically easy to combine these two destinations? I've been thinking that if I get a chance to go to Micronesia, I'd like to dive both these places during the same trip.
  2. Thanks! I did adjust the colour balance and curves in general, i.e. I didn't specifically make the water so blue. It just turned out like that after adjusting the skin tone of the whalesharks. tdpriest/b], thanks again for your comments. I wish I would have had all these advice before I went to that trip. But, oh well, now I just have to go again someday. Meanwhile I can work on my editing skills. ps. I'm glad I'm not the only one "cheating" and removing photobombing people from the background.
  3. NB! The link in the 1st post doesn't work anymore. Here's the new link for my photos: http://www.kolumbus.fi/uwphotography/cenderawasih/index.html I've edited some of the pics further and added two new pics.
  4. Thanks for the tip, I'll definitely try that next! Maybe leaving more imperfections in the images will make them look more natural as well..? I don't know what other people's impression is, but when I look at my pics now, I don't really get the sense that the viewer would be "present at the location". In comparison, when I look at your pic, I can totally imagine being right there swimming with that whaleshark. Do you think that's a matter of composing the shots differently or trying to take it a bit easier on post-processing? Generally I'm quite happy with my pics (especially since before the trip I had had several nightmares where my camera couldn't focus or malfunctioned some other way and I missed all photo ops), but since I'm keen on improving, I'd gladly let you guys pick them apart. P.S. I just realised that my website can't be viewed with Safari on ipad or iphone because they don't support flash...
  5. I have a Hugyfot fisheye port with 174mm diameter (6,85 inches, I believe).
  6. Thank you all for your comments. Firstly, Peter, thanks for letting me know. It works on Safari on my macbook, but when I try with my phone, it looks very weird... I'll see if I can sort that out. danielandrewclem, I like your idea to try no 7 in BW since the colors weren't that good in it anyway. I think it might work better this way, what do you think? Steve, I admit that I went overboard with trying to sharpen the images. I've seen on this forum how some people get just incredibly sharp photos... in comparison, all my pictures seemed so soft. I'm not sure why I couldn't get that sharp pics in the first place, but I tried to compensate that in post processing. Here's a more subdued version of pic no 12 with hardly any sharpening at all (I use the method with high pass filter on overlay mode). I'll look forward to getting my screen calibrated. You mentioned that it might help with getting the blues more realistic. I'm glad that you mentioned it, because I wasn't completely happy with them either. I don't know how to better describe it, but I think my blues seem a bit thick. I'm not sure if it could also be due to excessive spot healing and cloning while trying to remove backscatter - or the fact that I couldn't get it all removed and the backgrounds are a bit blotchy..? Anyway, thank you for the kind words, it sure was a wonderful experience to spend time around these amazing creatures. Photographywise it was great that we got to use scuba gear, but freediving with whalesharks was the most fun I've ever had in water.
  7. I would really appreciate if you took the time to look at my pics and give me critique or tips how to improve. I had an opportunity to go diving with the Cenderawasih whalesharks last September. I had bought uw photo gear just for the occasion and was practically using it for the first time on that trip. My gear consists of Nikon D7000, Tokina 10-17mm and two Inon Z240 strobes with 4900K diffusers. I've edited the pics somewhat in PS4: I tried to remove backscatter which was plentiful in most of the pics (there were a lot of particles in the water + I was struggling with positioning my strobes), did some sharpening and adjusting curves and WB. I also tried to remove a diver in pics 5 and 9... I'm sure that could have been done more elegantly, but I don't have much experience with PS either. Here's one sample image. The rest of the pics can be found here: http://www.kolumbus.fi/uwphotography/ Additional info for those who are still reading: - The weather was mostly cloudy or rainy, so I didn't get to experiment with bright sunlight a lot. - Picture 7 on my website is taken with a compact camera that I had as a backup. - I've read the book by Martin Edge twice, so I know some of the uw photography theory, but putting it into action turned out to be something else - My screen isn't calibrated
  8. I'm sorry my post isn't helpful at all, but I'm very interested in this question, too. I've been planning to get a Hugy housing for my D7000 as well. I have also considered the Inon s-2000 strobe, but would probably use my Sola 1200 for lighting up my photos before I manage to save up for proper strobes. If anyone has example photos that have been taken with a dive torch as a "strobe", I would really like to see some. PhotographingBlind, have you had any opportunity to test your setup yet?
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