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  1. Loved reading this post, although all the lighting technical jargon is a bit over my head. I just received my underwater set-up for my D700. Ikelite housing with two ds161 strobes. Hoping to find a pool to practice shooting with a friend this weekend as a test. I'll be using the strobes only for now and will have to figure out how to use topside lighting in addition to the ttl. I'm not quite sure I want any electrical lighting around the pool.


    One question: how are people finding pools to shoot in? Are you using private pools or public? Do public pools generally allow you to set-up backdrops? I don't imagine they'd be willing to turn their filtration systems off during the shoot either. Any advice would be great. :)


    you may also went to check out a small local college or HS



    Chuck Dee - AKA Chris

    "My job as a portrait photographer is to seduce, amuse and entertain." - Helmut Newton

  2. I've found it easier to dispense with the Pelican case and just use a long synch cord.

    Pretty simple really:

    Long synch cord, female Nikonos socket to PC plug convertor, plug into Pocket Wizard, Pocket Wizard taped to a light stand on side of pool.

    Ryan from Reef Photo can customize a long synch cord and Nikonos to PC conversion for you.

    With regard to bubbles, as James said, turn off filter system, and get into the habit of wiping dome port every time you submerge.



    So the pocket wizard that normally connects to the hot shoe, is connected via cord, out of the pool? Great thread everyone. Learning tons and much appreciated.




    Chuck Dee - AKA Chris

    "A good photograph is knowing where to stand." -Ansel Adams


  3. There are so many levels of cams and costs available.


    I have a pany ts2. The waterproof cams are not satisfactory. No controls. Not good enough image quality.


    You must have a camera with RAW, great auto focus, and a good M mode, and good controls to adjust F stop and shutter speed underwater.


    The canon P&S cameras you mention have at least 2 failings. They have among the worst Auto focus in the market, which is totally annoying to try to use underwater. And they force you to use manual flash, when using M mode exposure control.


    The top P&S cams for underwater today are the oly xz1 and pany lx5 and for me the fuji x10. All offer raw, and good autofocus. The fuji is a joy to use above water, as a sweet range finder with manual zoom.


    The cheaper oly micro 4/3 systems are very interesting, as oly provides very inexpensive underwater cases for them.


    I've been using ikelite housings for 2 decades, starting with an n90s film SLR system. They are the best housing at any price in many ways. They always offer hard wired TTL control for their strobes, which is much preferable to using on camera flash, and optical TTL. Plus they let you see the seals after assembly, so you can tell if an oring is sticking out funny or anything like that.


    Legendary support from ikelite.


    Don't let the alu housing snobs talk you out of them. For anyone doing 4 weeks or less of uw photo per year, ikelite all the way!


    How is the Canon 5DMII auto focusing underwater? I've heard ikelite is the way to go as well....



    Chuck Dee - AKA Chris

    "A good photograph is knowing where to stand." -Ansel Adams



  4. COMPLETE noob to underwater photography. I've seen some shots on the web, specifically of dogs diving underwater to retrieve a ball or toy and thought they were awesome. Has anyone seen these? I can probably link them but don't want to ruffle any feathers.

    I think there is a big market for this in my area and would like to find out more info on what I would need in terms of casing, housing? and lighting. Any info would be appreciated.



  5. Hi

    Thought I'd refresh this topic for 2011.


    The most asked question by any newbie is one that many ask or do research on. So in the tradition of Mr Wetpixel himself, we will (try) to restart this thread to give newbies the most up to date new rigs from members who have made the plunge themselves and why.

    So members who have recently bought new rigs, please feel free to add your opinions and feedback on your rigs so that others may benefit from your knowledge. The more details the better.


    For ease of reading and research for members, please refrain from off topic discussions

    Thanks and happy shopping.


    The older thread is here:




    noob here...just trying to reply to a topic so i can post. lol

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