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  1. Hi. I have a D7000 with the a 18-55 Nikon lens in an Ikelite housing. This lens uses the 5503.50 6" dome port. I'm thinking of getting a micro lens and the Nikon AF-S DX Micro 85mm f/3.5G ED VR or Tokina AT-X 100 PRO D have caught my eye. I want to house them in the same port if possible to ease travel logistics 1. The sizes seem to fit the dome port - but is it possible? Ikelite suggests flat ports for these lenses and I am trying to understand what happens if I go with the dome. I will loose some magnification vs a flat port but will probably need a +2 or +4 diopter so I will get some back and can focus closer (critters allowing). 2. Does anybody have experience with these lenses whether with the D7000 or other cameras? 3. Other suggestions for lenses? Thanks
  2. Please give feedback on Alor when youre back, it's on my wishlist.
  3. ATJ's reply to a query of mine and his link were good, see here Click me! Also see further comments later in the topic
  4. Thanks Adamantripper Looked up Long Island and it seems like a long lost tropical island dream. Are there dive operators and accommodaton there? I don't seem to find any As we primarily want to dive Havelock seems to have more sites or do they dive each others sites? Long island seems to definitely require a separate stay?
  5. My wife and I are planning a trip in early September 2012 and are thinking mainly of Manado/Lembeh area. I recently learned of Andaman Islands diving. Havelock Island and Neil are the ones that come up on Google. We are looking for land based and not live aboard diving. 1 Are there any other Islands in the Andaman Islands that we should consider? 2 How does the diving etc compare with Manado? I've heard of bleaching? 3 What dive operators do you suggest 4 What airconned accommodation can you recommend? 5 Should we spend a week on Neil and a week on Havelock or less on one or the other? Thanks in advance
  6. I went back to factory settings and and have only the one lens. Today viz was good but a lot of large plankton in the water and the focus was definitely slower so I'm leaning towards water clarity being the factor even when I can't see difference
  7. Have just checked and normally flash popup button is disabled when the ttl is connected to the hotfoot. I have no idea why it sometimes pops in the housing.
  8. When I first started using this camera I was amazed at the autofocus speed. I have been learning the camera and have fiddled with almost all settings but now find that my autofocus has slowed down a lot and cannot remember my starting point. I'm using AF S and single point focus right now and have tried all 3 number of focal point settings since noticing the slow down. I do not think that there has been much change in water clarity but I'm wondering if an increase in micro particles might be a cause? Any suggestions and your preferred settings will be appreciated.
  9. I'm a very new D7000 in Ikelite user and have not experienced your problem but it seems to be a white balance setting. I have started using white balance set at 5500 kelvin as that is is closest to the D51 strobe value. Before that I was using auto white balance, too early to say which I prefer. I have never tried the auto setting for speed and aperture as advice here has always been to go manual I also found my flash popping up only sometimes but have not made the connection will check later to see if it happens before installing it. All my dives have been with TTL cord installed and used.
  10. You are correct ATJ, two different buttons. I left my Ikelite instruction booklet at home and was looking up terminology in the Nikon booklet and then trying to figure out controls. I told you I had a lot to learn! Today the exposure compensation button was lighty touched by the control rendering the LCD screen inoperative, luckily I now know what to look for and gently checked control knobs untill I found the problem. This was at only 16m and I'm a bit worried what will happen at greater depth. In your experience are the springs strong enough?
  11. John, I agree 32 gb was enthusiastic overkill but wanted to save both RAW for later and Jpg for immediate gratification. My logic was that it would be sad not to have memory whilst the battery lasted and 16gb might have been too little. I also download daily (That instant gratification thing) and then reformat my cards but they are still brand new..... Slots 1 and 2 can be set to take back up or overflow or raw slot 1 and jpeg slot 2. As the problem was causing the camera to hang a reasoned that it would be slot 1 but tried to set slot 2 to the other settings without resolving the problem. Anyway another days diving and no further problems other than user induced stupidity with too much to learn. So far very happy with wetpixilains' advice in taking the D7000. I'm so gob smacked at the focus speed improvement over my C8080 and the lack of shutterlag that I'm taking photos of the front half instead of the rear half of fish
  12. John - I'm now using a Sandisk Extreme Pro 16GB in slot 1 and a 32GB in slot 2. When I had problems it was the other way round. Gerard - unfortunately neither the lens release nor depth of focus preview control buttons are accessible with the Ikelite.
  13. I swapped memory cards in the slots and made sure the buttons were all functioning correctly and today I had no problems at all.
  14. I've now arrived on holiday in Mauritius. Had my first dives with the new rig and have a lot to learn! Downloaded to my wife's computer and everything worked correctly. ATJ - I had connected to my computer by USB. Bill - I have not checked my file sizes but they were previously showing at about 7500 for the JPG and 17500 for the NEF. This agrees with the numbers I'm seeing on my wife's computer. When downloading on my computer the JPG files were exactly the same size. Would the embedded jpg that is in the NEF file be exactly the same size? Acuevas - I was getting duplicates so it seems I'm getting info from both cards. I have posted another question on the DSLR Housing forum as it seems to fit there but just MIGHT have something to do with this problem. Please have a look there.
  15. I have just done my first sea dives (not swimming pool) with my new rig. On the second dive I had an intermittent memory card error. The camera suggested that I replace the card (a bit difficult at 18 metres) and then hung up. I switched it off and on, played with the buttons and controls and suddenly it would work again for a few shots before hanging again. I have been unable to replicate the problem out of the housing. I should probably have tried in the housing on land (and will do that now) to see if its pressure on something but I still would not know which button was the culprit. Does anybody have an idea where to look to solve this?
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