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  1. UK Lighting Package. $95 2 HID Light Cannon 100 bodies. One has a wrist lanyard, the other has a heavy duty brass post clip. Both lights/ heads/ bulbs functional. Optional diffusers included for photography/ videography lighting. Manual included. 1 C8 Xenon body. Functioning bulb in head. 2 replacement bulbs in unopened packages. 2 extra reflectors. 3 spring plates. These go in the light if you are using 8 C cell batteries to power each light. 2 UK rechargeable battery CHARGERS. Note, this package does not include batteries, rechargeable or otherwise. You will need to supply your own batteries, either 8 C cells each or the UK rechargeable battery pack. Versatile dive light package allowing photography/ videography, day and night diving, interchangeable parts. The HID bulbs themselves retail for over $80 apiece, so this whole package, three complete lights, is a steal at $95. Buyer please be willing to cover shipping/ insurance. Please contact me at the555@mindspring.com with questions. Thank you for your interest.
  2. You've gotta be kidding me. Somebody pay me $500 for this whole setup and pay for the shipping, and it's yours. the555@mindspring.com
  3. the555 here dropping the price to $750 including shipping, handling, and insurance. An unbelievable steal for a powerful LED lighting system recently refurbished and rebuilt to accommodate Li polymer batteries. Email me at above address.
  4. Light and Motion SunRay 2000 LED video light system These are the ones with a battery pod that integrates underneath the housing. Included: 2 light head/ battery pods 4 Lithium Polymer batteries charger 2 loc line arms to mount the light heads to the housing locking kit to mount the battery pods to the housing spare o-ring kit tripod mounting kit that allows the mounting of a tripod under the housing for macro shooting These are the latest model with the compact light head. Everything is in good condition and good working order. The lights have been rebuilt, with new cables and electronics, to accommodate the updated lithium polymer battery technology. Said batteries are lighter and more reliable than Li-ions. I charge them every few weeks to keep them fresh. The batteries themselves cost more than $100 each, so the whole rig is a steal for anyone who wants great, powerful underwater video lights that deliver a wide, even beam of beautiful white light. Asking $795 including shipping and insurance. I don't monitor this site so email me at the555@mindspring.com if interested or if you'd like to see pictures. Thanks!
  5. Sony CX550v HD Video Camcorder- $579 Like new with manual, cables, remote control, and accessories. Records 1920x1080 full HD video onto a 64 GB internal SD card- solid state technology eliminates malfunction possibilities of a hard drive and provides hours of recording time at highest resolution. Shoots 12 MP still shots at the touch of a button. Also has an external SD slot for added memory capacity. All the bells and whistles you'd expect on a state of the art Sony, like low light shooting, steady shot optical stabilization, built in GPS, face detection technology, built in flash, 10x optical zoom, and touch screen controls on the LCD. Includes two batteries. One is the small battery that came with the camera. The other one is a larger model, NP-FV70, that I bought separately for extended recording time. Also includes an AC adapter that charges batteries while connected to the camera and a separately purchased wall charger, BC-TRV, that charges removed batteries. This thing's in perfect shape. Email with questions to the555@mindspring.com. Thanks for your time!
  6. Hi Jeremy, could you send a pic along to the555@mindspring.com? Thanks.
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