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  1. Hi All, I want to purchase a Sony a6000 housing to use with a wide angle lens. If you have one and are considering upgrading & selling, please let me know! I'd love to buy it from you. Sincerely, Sean
  2. Hi All, I'm looking to purchase a used housing for a Sony a6000 to be used with a wide angle lens and dome. If you have have an a6000 housing and are looking to sell & upgrade, let me know! I'd love to buy your old housing. Thanks! Sean
  3. Hi, I am currently selling my converted Ikelite housing for the Canon Rebel T2i and all of the pertinent accessories (including dome port, port body, zoom gear, etc). This package includes everything you need to get your Canon T2i underwater. The 6 Inch dome port is perfect for a wide angle lens like the Tokina 10-17mm. This housing is a converted Ikelite housing made from an older Ikelite model that was refabricated exceptionally well to house the Canon T2i. It provides control of all the essential functions: shutter, mode selection, iso, video, on/off, live view, +/-. I am upgrading cameras at the moment and would like to sell my current T2i housing. It is a fantastic housing: totally waterproof, ergonomic handles, with a slightly positive buoyancy. I am willing to sell the whole lot for $1200 flat, including shipping within the lower 48. Feel free to contact me with any questions regarding this camera housing. Best regards, Sean
  4. Hi Sam, I was wondering if this T2i setup is still for sale. I happen to be in the market for this housing as well as a wide angle port for a Tokina 10-17. Maybe we can work something out with Joel and split up some pieces so that we all get what we need! -Sean Email: slieppman@gmail.com
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