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  1. Complete set up for a Canon 40D or 50D The camera housing is just back from Ikelite having the conversion made to accommodate for either a 40D or 50D. While in for the conversion at Ikelite, all o-rings on the buttons were replaced and a thorough inspection done. Two DS125 Ikelite strobe packages with new battery packs and smart chargers. In addition to the standard package with dual handle tray is an additional 8” section included for both arms. One dual sync and two single sync cords. Four ports. Ikelite 8” dome for 10-22, 6” dome for 17-85, flat port for 60mm macro, flat focus port for 100mm macro. Extra o-rings for everything. All items are in excellent condition. Retail on above pushes $5000. Offering for $3100 to include paypal and shipping in USA. Kevin Reid Kevinreid (at) Verizon.net
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