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  1. Other than most of the stuff they sell is way above competitor price. They do have some hard to find gear though. On TS: I use TheCameraStore (Calgary) or Kijiji (not a store).
  2. Hi. Are there any alternatives to these D7000 price range like viewfinders? Like a DIY or a cheaper option? My eyes aren't that bad yet underwater but struggle at times specially when its a little dark. Thanks
  3. Hi pete, By change, you mean switching to a P&S setup? Yes those viewfinders are really expensive. I'm still trying to find a great deal for them.
  4. Hi. I am selling my Ikelite #5510.24 Port. Still in very good condition. Only used 4 times then I sold my lens so now it sits in my bag. O-Rings still intact on both ends. Retails for $150, asking $100. $40 flat rate expedited shipping to US/Canada. I only accept Paypal. **will be declared as gift with "$0" value. Rated at 200 feet (60m) Together with the Ikelite 8' Dome Port you can use this on the following lenses: For Nikon: Ikelite Nikon Chart 17-35 18-70 28-85 28-200 35-135 105 Macro D For Canon: Ikelite Canon Chart 16-35 17-40 18-135 24 1.4 28-105 35 1.4 35-80 35-135 60 Macro 100 Macro
  5. Thanks for the info Panda. This really cleared it out for me. @Steve What do you mean by "not 100%"? Have you had bad experiences about strobe misfires or them things not firing at all?
  6. Hi. I just want to clarify, If I send my housing for upgrade (it is an older model with no hotshoe and only 3 clips at the back and 2 at the front), Will ikelite replace all the "glass/plastic" housing and the buttons etc? Plus do an overall maintenance for 200+shipping? Can anyone share their experience with this? Thanks
  7. Hi. I am a bit confused with the way sync cords work (ikelite housing - nikonos strobe) What advantage do I get if I use "Y" (dual) sync cords as compared to "I' (single) cords? I am going to be using the strobes and camera in full manual mode. With a single cord, I can just set the flash power manually on Strobe 1 and set Strobe 2 as a slave. Am I correct in thinking that with "Y" sync cords, I can control the power of the strobes simultaneously and that's about it? Thanks.
  8. Hi Apu, Thanks.. but I already got one for my D70s.
  9. I see. So i guess they are also going to pass on the D4? Its almost identical in size to the D3 series. Imagine an ultra high ISO/ hd camcorder combo underwater coupled with DS strobes, wouldn't that be great? I hope they make one.
  10. Is there a reason behind Ikelite not making a d3s/d3 housing? I shoot with a D3 and I love ikelite. Wish they would just make a D3 housing. I know there are alternatives but those are too pricey. Now I just use a d70s underwater. **new to UW Photography.
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