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  1. Hi all, there is a petition Tell OMV and the New Zealand government to stop oil exploration and drilling near Maui's dolphinsthat needs your support. the LINK is: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/232/267/026/tell-omv-and-the-new-zealand-government-to-stop-oil-exploration-and-drilling-near-the-mauis-dolphins/ Thank you Zak
  2. I think you might need flash to see it ? -Zak
  3. Hi, you have to click on "How can you help" first. Zak
  4. Hi all, currently there is a petition to save the last hector's and maui's dolphins. Please visit www.hectorsdolphins.com, you will find more information there and you can subscribe the petition if you like. Greetings Zak
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