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  1. Hey Everyone, I am selling my PC1000 Light and Motion MAKO and all my attachments. This includes the monitor back, remote monitor, cables for remote monitor, lights & arms, battery for light, battery pods, housing, pelican case, all chargers, screen shield, standard port lens, all lubes extra batteries etc and possibly my camera backpack if someone wants it. I'll be pricing it out as a package, and it should be a good deal for someone who wants a nice setup... very few dives on it and it looks like new. If you are interested or know someone that is interested please PM me and we can make a good deal. So before everyone asks... I am not getting completely out of video, but I am going back to basics and returning to my Ocean Images basic housing... Mainly because I am not videoing as much as I thought I would with this setup. Price. I would like to sell this as a package but if someone wanted pieces and parts I may consider breaking it up. 1440 housing 350 monitor back 1080 remote monitor (Goes on top of the housing for better viewing, or get the long cable for remote filming) 150 whip 480 lights 500 camera 0 Pelican with Die Cut Foam Case 4000.00 Total This is a considerable discount off of new gear, and this gear has never been flood, low number of dives and looks brand new. I recently had it maintained by Light & Motion and pressure tested etc. Pick this gear up for a fraction of the cost of High Definition gear, this is great for that serious videographer that doesn't want to make the even more expensive leap into High Definition. Pictures upons request
  2. Hi Everyone, I am selling to video rigs for underwater video. 1. Ocean Images with Sony PC110 Camera. You get the camera and the housing and the light plate and ballast. This is a great beginner housing for someone just wanting to try out video without sinking a ton of money. 2. Light and Motion Mako with Sony PC100 Camera. You get the entire travel package as seen on Light and Motions website. This includes the lights, the housing, the monitor back(not included in their package, but it is in mine), the case, the orings, the grease, and I am including the camera. Both of these systems have been my babies and are in incredible shape. Contact me at ari@warsager.com if you are interested in either of these great setups.
  3. Looking to buy a Mako Remote Monitor. If you have one that you want to sell please let me know.
  4. if anyone has a mako travel package that they want to off load, please contact me. I am looking to buy an entire package. Looking forward to hearing from you.
  5. Want to Buy USED L&M Mako Travel Package. If you have one that you are no longer using and want to sell it please contact me. I prefer to buy one for a PC110 but if you have another model I will consider it.
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