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  1. I've just ordered the Aquatica housing for my Canon 7D, but I didn't know which way to go regarding the bulkheads. For the short-term (having impoverished myself with the housing purchase) I'll be using my optical Sea & Sea YS-27DX, so obviously one bulkhead has to be optical. I'll likely get a larger strobe in a few months, and use my 27DX as a slave. Eventually I'll match the larger strobe. For mainly macro shots, am I more likely to end up with a strobe that's optical or TTL? I'm perfectly comfortable with manual settings, having used them for years. The guys at the shop where I bought my housing said the market was heading in an optical direction - however, they recommended hybrid bulkheads. Am I missing something? Thanks! Ann
  2. Hi all, I'm primarily a cold water diver in Seattle but enjoy forays to warmer climes and bluer water. I've just taken the plunge and bought my first DSLR after years of happily shooting the Canon G10. I bought a 7D and just ordered the Aquatica housing. I'm gearing up for an 11-day trip to Curacao and Bonaire (I've been to the latter before, once) - it'll be my first time in the water with the new rig! Glad to have this forum to answer some of my numerous questions... I'd be surprised if I don't have to log in often during my vacation. -Ann
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